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  1. yeah i have had a look at big W, someone pointed me there but i'm a noob, am i looking for "super glue GEL" on the packaging?
  2. has any1 used selleys all clear to frag? if now what have you used, i've had a chat with a guy that says just normal super glue but need more specifics. like what store, how many steps to take, turn left and grab what brand? any help would be greatly appreciated
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  5. also what is spent in fuel to get to the sunny coast.
  6. wow, nice read. did you seriously pick up this for 200? (skimmed through). Can't wait and good luck.
  7. don't know if anyone's already said this but thats a mad yellow fin.
  8. wow, haven't they grown, comparing pics, just went through them all. nice job.
  9. hey hey, get a pic up of your tank.

  10. Came in and turned on the lights last night and found my star making out with my duncan coral. how you doin duncan.
  11. Now my sun coral i've been feeding every 2nd night baby brine and brine shrimp. Trying to get it into the routine of coming out when lights are on but finding it very slow. Have been pullying it out of the tank and putting it into a container and mothering it like I was breast feeding. squirt the shrimp in and watch it week by week come out a little more. 2 nights ago I didn't put it back in the tank and the water it was in dropped down around 10.C over night so was freaking out that I'd killed it. Tonight he's looking tops and back to normal, so crossing everything it does'nt die. my zoa
  12. Tank now is stocked with 4 chromis, 2 turban snails, 1 orange star fish, some critters in the sand bed with each more exciting then the other, amazing to watch the turbans and stars get around but interesting reading up on the little hitch hikers and critters that I spot every now and then (all good hitch hiders so far). I've picked up from Louise01 (stunning tank)(will have to chat to you about you tank again) a sun coral, and the rest from pet city. Purple disc zoa, orange and green disc zoa and green and bron disc zoa. Was successful in fragging these aswell. Also I have a few pink morphs, few bright green morphs and 3 blue/purple morphs. The newest members to the tank are a 10 head duncan which at the moment is my favourite because I get to feed it, a small hammer and green star polyp which is also pretty cool. just starting to open up, is pretty big once open
  13. Thanks Louise and thanks for the test kit and sun coral, will get to the fun I've had with the sun coral.
  14. Currently and just recently I have picked up a better test kit that test more then nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and ph. so can also do all others which is fun to see different colours in the test tubes, can make a rainbow. Also decided to look into some soft corals so did some research on whether or not my system could manage it. Picked up a few pieces but then got sick of pullying out hair algae and couldn't understand why and thought that I'd start again with the LR so I've put it into a container for a black out put together some stands similar to what i've seen done with milk crates that DDF has also mentioned. Drilled them so they'd get more flow through them and zipped tied them together to create a few levels. This has now become my fragging tank for when I get my 5ft going.
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