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  1. Update, I've place a floval 5200 (cp4) wave maker, cleaned the coral in the sump and adding my xf5 too. Probably overkill but I already have all the equipment so might aswell use it picking up another 4 or 5 kigoma's tomorrow to add to my colony :-)
  2. I appreciate the advice, I might cut the outlet pipe to the sump slightly shorter aswell. In the first section of the sump is k1, and filter bags, going down through filter matting, back up through coral and a bag of matrix, and pack down through noodles and bio balls and more matting before going back up into the tank. I currently have an external canister filter that has purgien equivalent but will move this into a large internal filter.
  3. Thanks mate, yes there is a vu steriliser that is in the tank with a separate pump, not going through the sump. This is how I bought it. I have fronsa's currently in the tank.
  4. Should I put a large internal filter closer to the bottom to create a bit of a current and push any rubbish upwards?
  5. Hi guys, newbie here. I have a 6 x 2 x 2 fish tank and 4 foot sump, the fish tank has holes at the bottom for the output and input. The output is via a pipe that is a fair height into the tank (closer to the top) and the tank return is higher again (see photo). My question is is this enough to keep the tank clean? Thank you guys
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