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  1. After some geo's, have you any more coming through?

  2. Thanks for the L066's.  I had a small fishin with them, looked like an endler, what a pretty fish even at a small size.  Do you keep endlers and can they be kept in with pleco's?  Nice to see the discus breeding again.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. grigby


      I'll take 20 thanks.  This Sunday is Christmas, so when is a good time/day: while avoiding the peak traffic times?

    3. ssdiscus


      What about 1pm tomorrow Wednesday?

    4. grigby


      What about Thursday at 1pm?  Have to drop a friend off at airport tomorrow.

  3. I'll take 100 if still availabe - pm phone number and I will arrange pickup.

    Thanks Glenn

    1. mrzeby


      Hi Glenn

      Sorry don't have 100 ... i may have 10 or so left ... txt me on 0401 002222 if you want any and i will check whats left 






    2. grigby


      Thanks, but too few to be of value, needed for multiple tanks.

  4. Do you still have shrimp, Ill take them.  Have you more than 50, 100 would be good.  Please provide phone # and I will ring to arrange pickup.

  5. HI

    Are the 30+-40 mischlings available?   When you say 'just sold all my females'  does that mean these are all males?   Can they be delivered by express post to Strathpine.


  6. For example, until recently a lot of tropheus were sourced from Germany, why not America: they are a lot cheaper? I think wild colonies of trophs would be a great thing in OZ waters, to small to do much damage and mainly algae eaters: probably wouldn't survive anyway. Anyone know why America was bypassed???
  7. I never understood why fish like Tropheus weren't imported from America in the past, from what I have read they have some large farms there and so many great varieties not in OZ? What am I missing - were the import laws so different from America?
  8. Old post I know, but do you still do egg tumblers for sale?

  9. Old post I know, do you still do egg tumblers for sale?

  10. Hi

    Please put me down for 15 Red Rainbows & 6 Chakita when they are available (Phone 31420701).

    Thanks Glenn

    1. cecelia


      Hi Glenn,

      No problem at all.

      I will let you know when they are ready.


    2. grigby


      Forgot to ask for price sorry & any pics available?  May have someone else interested as well, if they see pics.

  11. Thanks Bitis. Does this method of bridging work on larger tanks e.g. 4 x 4ft tanks on 2 tiers (2 on each), with a 1200 ltr (or FX6 for that matter) canister filter providing the circulation. How do I determine the capacity/size of the bridges required, assume more volume = larger diameter size pipe: will 40mm pipe be too big? My assumption is that this system is self regulating/leveling. Drilling holes in established tanks is problematic, unless done from the front of the tanks (looks messy). What are this bridging systems limits or is that a trial & error thing (oh shit I have water everywhere)? Just looking to understand before jumping in.
  12. Thanks aquaholic99 you are obviously one smart & very experienced fellow. Sounds like a brilliant idea and well worth a try. I will read your previous posts to find out more.
  13. Thanks aquaholic99 you are obviously one smart & very experienced fellow. Sounds like a brilliant idea and well worth a try. I will read your previous posts to find out more.
  14. Thanks aquaholic99. Will the same bridge principle work on a 2 tier tank with a canister filter supplying the water movement - inlet in bottom & outlet in top, with the bridge overflow pipe run between the 2 tanks: both pipe ends under water. Will the bridge be self regulating via the flow of the canister to prevent overflow or is there a trick to it?
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