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  1. Mate I have 10 lazy snails a 5 pep shrimp 2 decorator erchins a star and 20 brittle stars The all must be on strike They hit the sand well but the glass not at all The yellow tang is getting there
  2. It's hard getting a good pic of things with a I pad or phone as the led drowned out as they dont pick up the colours well have a look at the spread of the elegance in the full tank shot on the right of the tank I have a purple tip with a Fluor green body And a gold tip with a milky green blue body
  3. A fts with the lighting unit I know there is some Algie on the Back wall but the tang is slowly sorting that out as its only been in the tank for a few days
  4. Ok we'll things have gone awesome As donny pointed out there has been a lot of mods on this thing but all are worth it for sure Sump altered to allow macro I a chamber with a shallow sand bed with hermit crabs a few snails to turn it over Unfortunately the skimmer is still in the sump as am restricted in height under the Cabnet so can't get te height to put it externally many change it out next year for one I can Skimmer is a deltec tc 1655 works great with self cleaning head The t5 lighting I have taken the 2 back bulbs out and replaced with a 4 foot led system so running 2 t5 white bulbs during the day than switching off and running the led once I get home as there a lot cleaner an make the tank pop The wave malkers in the tank Also changed the pump and am running the lot on a 6800lph pump through a taped bar Resun chiller Tlf 150 phos reactor with roaphos Having Hughes amount of growth in the tank with the dunking that was aprox 70 heads now 85-90 with heels of new baby heads popping out Aprox 10 dif zoa spreading like while and hammers torshes with full extension And manny more corals in there Feeding corals Roids and misis shrimp and finly choped prawns Also dosing cal and Amin acids a and b from read sea There are two fish in there a yellow tang and a perc clown lost a clown early on and traded a orchid dotty back as it ate my shrimp A few pics off the phone it dose not pick up the true colours and glow of the tank but you get the idea
  5. Also have some corals in the tank also love them
  6. Well I've done some rescaling to night I like it what do you guys thing Still cloudy but will update once it clears
  7. Yeh he is cool he is eating well on shrimp and picking the alge off the tank walls Strange swimming action almost looks like he can't feal his tail fin and bend like a pretzel Big clown as finally decided to get in his ananome and won't let the little one in there with him They have been ignoring it for the last week I'm feeding the ananome shrimp is this ok ??? What should I be dosing ?????
  8. Yeh loving the skimmer Pulling some good skim but had to cut the sump up again Got it for a good price so super happy and if I upgrade than I'm set for it Yeh the wrass is awsome dose some atrange things Sleeps under the sand witch is quite interesting Yeh was going to get some morphs on the weekend wanting some Fluor green and blues
  9. All on my Phone so not the best pics
  10. Upgraded the skimmer also as discussed in this thread to a deltec RCA 1655 Works awesome pulling good skim Also going to place externally when I pull my finger but is internal at the moment But it's doing the job
  11. Well my first marine is going great Water has been tested and stable So I added my first fish last week two small clowns and a green tip anemone Waited a week and tested all good so today I Acquired 2 more fish one is a chaoti wrasse And a purple dotty back All happy and feeding well So will wait a week and test again Wanting to add some hammers and other easier corrals next so Abby suggestions like the look of the soft flowing corals and some Zooanthids and button polyps Any one have some species in mind that will make a good addition to my display Also would rather get them from members to help you guys out as well as saving some coin Will put some pics up
  12. Thanks mate there are plenty of gaps in the wall ill take some closer pics today to show ya
  13. Yeh Donny I'm hoping they cover algae and stuff so the bend in a bit but yes once I start adding corral they may go its just somthing I had I'm the shed But we will c
  14. Total of 45 kg of rock in there not heaps but biggish pieces so they fill a good amount of space in the tank
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