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  1. Just wondering, does H contradens have an L number. Also, ive seen Corydoras trilineatus listed seperate to jullii on wholesalers list, but i always thought what was sold as julli in this country were trilineatus. Are what they sell as trilineatus a different (ie spotted) version or the same fish? Thanks
  2. im getting some sent down next week at 5cm. Just checking if i could pick it at that size
  3. anyone know at what size they can be sexed
  4. i would of thought clay pipes in a tank with a large powerhead aimed at them would do the trick. If someone here has breed them it would be interesting to hear there method. I would think a gold spot would be small enough to do in a tank
  5. there seems to be a lot of gold spots for sale on here. Does anyone have info on breeding in a tank? I wouldn't mind having a go at them
  6. does anyone know were true jullis can be gotten? I had one as a kid but i haven't seen one since
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