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  1. Most (all? ) colour variants of cherries can be found in our part of the world - red, yellow, sunkist, brown, chocolate, black, blue, dark blue, rili (red, carbon, some people are trying for yellow). Expect to pay about a few dollars to $20 or more ($200 for one carbon rili posted here late last year) for a cherry shrimp of another colour variant. There are people on the north side selling shrimp but mostly south side of Brisbane. Shrimp can also be posted interstate for about $20. Pm a local shrimp seller that posts on the FS Shrimp section regularly (e.g. Daydream, Butch50) if no current ads and i am sure one of them can accommodate you in the near future. Gumtree is another site to visit for shrimp sellers (but you will find regular sellers with good reputations on this forum, random luck on GT) if you can't find some here. Don't mix colour variants if you want to keep strains pure. Cross breeds can revert to wild type (clearish with brown stripes).
  2. If ya by my way i will sell u male endlers for $2 a fish. Once u buy a female you will have endlers for life.
  3. Galaxy Rasbora are anywhere between $8 to $15 a fish, expensive for a little fish but an awesome fish. Fishchick was doing 5 for $40 late last year. That was a good price. Someone would make a killing if they bred some up. Shrimp will live with endlers if they have hiding spots. (hungary) Female endlers are worse for shrimp hunting.
  4. Caught a few of these today. Acclimatising well
  5. Could anybody give me a general locations to collect freshwater shrimp or aquatic mosses? (legally). I am assuming that outside national parks i am generally ok. Thinking of trying up at maleny (obi) today. Need some civilisation to entertain the family on this trip. But i have the week off and may be collecting by myself. I wouldn't mind trying to keep some glass or even riffle shrimp.
  6. You'll be popular if you ever decide to sell the UG. Many always looking for it. Any Pics?
  7. very cool, thx for sharing.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. If you can be assured of receiving a male and female to pair and breed then $30/pair is reasonable for any of those shrimp.
  10. That chopper ad is also $15 a (assume adult) rili shrimp ($75 for 2M&3F) or $60 for a berried shrimp. So maybe the LFS quote in OP is on the money for adult rilis. I was recently quoted $110 for a pair of yellows from a shop. Seems pretty high considering what you can get here etc. I guess buying juviniles is a risk in terms of what quality (colour) and gender you get, though i bought 5 yellows and now have one nicely coloured berried female and 5 chocs (no berried yet, 2 reddish/brown shrimps and 3 solid chocolate) for $60 in total recently. I'll be putting up juvis fs when the colony builds up. Without selective breeding practices i would assume $5-7 a juvi is the going price for these colours. I reckon the shrimp put up by gyung (?) recently look awesome, if i had tank space i would get some of his blue rilis. If i had money to spare i would have got some of his carbon rilis.
  11. I have seen them for as low as $5 for 1cm juvis i.e. 10 for $50 (here, gumtree). Buying them from a store might be an assurance of better genetics, health .. . . maybe.
  12. Not sure if meat ants are around these parts? I think they may have been attracting the meat ants with cat food (prob the toads too)
  13. Cheers, Jenny. Sorry i didn't see this earlier.
  14. zane is this your 80cm cube? that sucks man.
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