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  1. The mesh strainer might have to be my fall back opinion as the hole size is probably just about right for the new born fry. Might be time for a trip to the $2 store. i have been told the holes on the fry saver I was originally looking at are probably to large for guppy fry and they will fall through.
  2. Nice idea but it is for guppy fry the holes are way to big
  3. I am looking for some fry savers to keep some new born fry contained for the first few weeks till they are no longer snack size. I saw these on eBay and wondered if anyone had used them or a similar design. Or have any better recommendations. I know they are not very large but I am only looking to hold the fry initially to have them able to feed in a small area particularly for small batches of fry that want to keep separate from the other strains. I would also not be using the centre divider so they would have the whole space to swim. I have the external breeding box style but don't like using them in colder months and once you have a few strains they are not really practical to have multiples of them. These would sit in an already heated 2 or 3ft tank that had some of the larger juvie fry. Any opinions good bad or otherwise. Might have to bite the bullet and order one or two from eBay and see how they go.
  4. I have a few eBay feeders for my tanks and they do work well. I have found pellets are better than flake to load them with if the flake gets slightly damp it blocks up. If you are just going for a week I would skip the auto feeder for guppies and tetras. Feed them the day you leave and as soon as you get back. For the Shrimp some Shrimp snow should work and maybe a pellet or two dropped in the tank. I have also has pretty good results with the sera holiday feeding tablets not the white plaster ones these are a very dark almost black compressed tablet. Shrimp may eat them as well just test before you leave. The tablets are getting harder to get but some of the pet barn stores do carry them if you need them in a hurry. I reserve the auto feeder for the larger fish and only when I am gone longer that a week fish can go long periods without food.
  5. Welcome what lines of fancy guppies are you breeding.
  6. Went downstairs to do a water change on one tank 4hrs later had pulled down three tanks and rearranged all the inhabitants.
  7. With my devil koi angels the male hump is very pronounced but with the black angels not so much. I have another confirmed pair and the male is very similar in appearance to the female. They had their first few wrigglers on the weekend in a community tank so can confirm they are a pair. Looks like I will be hitting up the trader section for a male or two. Good luck with the babies they are stunning fish when they grow up but yes a pain to breed.
  8. After a second opinion on these two fish initially I had thought they were a young pair as these two were beating up the other angel in the tank and paired up. Now I think I might have two females. 99% sure this is female Now I think this might be a female too. Anyone else who can confirm my suspicions.
  9. Perhaps the trader threads could be locked but still show up in the search. Or have a second option to search archived threads only. That way if an item is not sold after the 45 days members could search the item and contact the seller directly. I personally think there is nothing worse than someone commenting on a year old trader post and have it bump back to the top because someone found the post and wanted to see if it was still available or the seller had any more. This just clutters the genuine items for sale.
  10. I have been looking for something to clean my smaller tanks and grow out tanks as most gravel cleaners have too much suction and a too large a diameter to clean the smaller tanks. Some of the tanks have bare bottoms and some have pool filter sand this looks like it might do the job for both. Has anyone used this or something similar designed for smaller tanks. Gravel Cleaner link
  11. That was my next option maybe some flymesh and gravel that way the gravel would not wash under the gap.
  12. I have a multi bay tank that I want to grow out fry in similar to the betta barracks style tanks. The problem is there is a gap about 1cm wide and the length of the bay between each bay for the water to flow under. I am looking for something to allow the water to flow but keep fry in. I currently have some filter sponge in the gap and this works pretty well but I can not remove the sponge to clean it without releasing the fry when it gets dirty. Anyone got an idea on what I could block the gap with and not stop the water flow. The only other suggestion I was given was to glue fly mesh in the gap but think the hole size in fly mesh might allow small fry through.
  13. I have the eheim 300w on a 250L tank and it can maintain 26-28C and not be running all the time. The tank does have tight fitting glass lids and a hood to help insulate some what at the top nothing on the sides though. No sump. I would think a 300w would struggle with 600L if the tank was not insulated a lot and water flowing to the sump and back causes a fair amount of heat loss on a cold day/night
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