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  1. Giant Cichlid Boulengerochromis Microlepis 200k a piece 😂
  2. I have a simple edict..... I say on here and anywhere else what i would be happy to repeat to anyone. Ive had run ins on here and in real life but never taken a backward step. Thats got nothing to do with tough talk or being tough. It has to do with saying what i mean and standing by it. Shrinking violets and keyboard warriors be damned...... If the truth hurts....... change your ways..... move on...... You're not a tree I miss the edge walkers Did they go overboard on occasion? Sure Ive been a member on here for a few years and lurked before that and can garantee 1 truth. If perfect exists on qldaf........ I'm yet to see it
  3. The threads are owned by qldaf.... not the person posting. No intellectual property rights im sorry. Steve is actually a great guy.... so good work on p1ssing of an authority on native fish on here. If i could make one suggestion..... just go back to lurking for a bit before you pee off anyone willing to help you. Just my dollars worth of free advice. File it ...... wherever 😊
  4. 200 blind cave fish. Save on the lighting bill too ☺
  5. Thanks mate they have settled in well
  6. Crysis over I will however say there is either a drama with this batch Or the quality of brine has drastically decreased in the last 2 years
  7. Thanks for the advice I keep them in a zip lock bag in the fridge. Can opened on Wednesday.
  8. They are on the CITES list. Its a protected list. Banned from importation. Just like crack....ice..... or heroin. When people smuggle in banned/blacklisted items they are worth alot of money because of the risks associated. https://www.environment.gov.au/mediarelease/prohibited-fish-importation-stream-all-dried
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I decapsulated some last night. The appeared to decapsulate fine and have gone a nice shade of orange. To be honest never worried about doing it much as they used to hatch better than 80% without the process. I find it funny that they have gone up in price but the quality has dropped and need of bleaching a must
  10. Even basic hydrating them has 95 percent floating The damndest thing ive ever seen
  11. Watching fry die is impressively depressing
  12. Ok...... so i have bred fish for approx 25 years and been successfully hatching brine shrimp for some 20 years odd. I have purchased a new can of ocean nutrition brine shrimp 90% hatch. I have tried 4 batches since wednesday with little to no success Anyone have any info on a bad batch ? The eggs do not seem to rehydrate and remain floating after 48 hours. Im not looking on how to hatch them.......just wondering if anyone has had a sh1t can off them Used by date august 2019
  13. Blue parrotfish *Scarus coeruleus
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