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  1. I am going to be paint the background and my GF got me everything, so don't want to change anything just yet. But I agree with the substrate. Few more pics...
  2. Currently have: 2 x Electric Yellows 2 x Electric Blues 2 x Bristlenose Enjoy the pics, still not fully happy with the setup though.
  3. My goal for the tank is to not have alot of different species but have a fair few of each, I like their colours. Down the track I would like to breed them, for this, can I not get a smaller tank once the fish is pregnant and move her to the smaller tank?
  4. Hey guys. Over the last few weeks as some of you may know, I have been setting up a cichlid tank. I currently have a 3FT (200L) tank. Current stock: 2 x Electric Yellow (EY for this topic) 2 x Electric Blue (EB for this topic) 2 x Common Bristlenose My question is whether I could up my stocking from two of every fish to five of every fish? Will the be ok in both the short term and long term? If not in long term, am happy to upgrade. It's just from observing the tank, the EB's (one in particular) is picking on all the other fish, so I was hoping by adding a few more they will settle down. Thanks for your help
  5. Hey guys, I have some Electric yellows and blues and was wondering how old they have to be before you can tell what sex they are. Also, if they were to mate, is there like a minimum age of when they start? Thanks!!!
  6. Yes I checked water and then the LFS re-checked it.
  7. I've got some palm tree ones, some long viney ones with red leaves. They are the main offenders of the breaking down. Palm trees have some sort of rd dots on them that easily wipe off. PH should be around 7.6
  8. currently have only had four hours of light. Buying a timer tomorrow and extending it to six. Could that be the cause of the problem. Only other fish in tank are elec yellows and bn's. So no bullying from what i can see.
  9. hey guys just wondering about my plants. They seem to be going a bit slimey and are breaking down. What could be causing this? Also my clown loaches seem to be going see through. They aren't as bright in colours as they were. Are they just getting use to their new home or what? Thanks...
  10. Yes I was given some sachet that had good bacteria in it. It's been floating around for about 9 days now.
  11. Hey guys. I have just recently purchased a 3ft tank (200L), Atman EF-3 (1000LPH) filter, a light and heater (don't know details). Now I have gone to Aquarama (for those of you who live in Brisbane) and had a look at all their types of fish. Ones I have chosen out are: (In order of preference) 1. Clown Loach 2. Red-Tailed Black shark / Rainbow shark 3. Electric Yellow Cichlids 4. Convicts 5. Angels 6. Discus Now I have talked to many people, including people on this forum and the aquarium guy, and everyone has told me different things. People are in aggreeance that: 1. You can only have one shark, as they are very aggressive 2. I would be better off going for a silver shark as they are the least aggressive Now some people have told me Electric Yellow Cichlids don't go with any of those fish, where as some people have told me they will go fine. I need some clarification on this matter. Next, I have filled the tank, added the necessary chemicals, added plants and let the tank sit for a week, with the heater sitting at 24 degrees celsius. Going to the aquarium with a water sample tomorrow, but have done my own pH test and it's currently sitting around 7.0 (is this good?) Is there anything else I need to do before purchasing fish? I have more questions but this has already become a long post so I will ask them further down the track. Thankyou very much!!
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