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  1. Thanks guys yeah starting to love my tank again. When the yellows first went in the lion and coral cod tried giving "special kisses" but with in 20mins they understood that the yellows were too big, and have since left them alone. The Barra on the other hand is just to lazy and prefers frozen prawns and mussels. I've never seen a lion to be as friendly as this one, constantly swimming begging for food.
  2. After letting my reef fall into chaos for 6months or so, I've started giving it the attention it deserves again. Here's a few pics WA Barramundi cod and miniatus coral cod (red) Everyone waiting for dinner Ben:beer:
  3. Awesome!! I tried with senegal's but no success. Keep the pics coming.
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  5. Couple more dodgy iPhone pics, going to get stuck into this tank in a few weeks to tidy all the wiring up and ready it for the cladding.
  6. Nice fish....not very common where did you get it?
  7. Hey guys thought I'd share, this is a video taken today from the main display at reef secret aquarium on the Gold Coast. Mixed reef and the tank is 8x3x2 Enjoy Find them on Facebook Facebook
  8. Paul clear oceans - 0402 549 280 It's about $120/1000L but you would have to check.
  9. Finally got around to hanging the lights and collected a few more corals
  10. Totally agree with dff... Remember the marine motto "nothing good happens fast in a marine aquarium"
  11. So a few more things done, Light fixture still needs to be claded Cycle finished and and a few fish dropped in So just entering its 5th month since start and the last week has seen coralline algae pop up randomly.
  12. I ran it for over 12 months and didn't work for me. I have removed a refuge entirely on my new setup.
  13. 6k wc fronnies 6yrs ago. Mpwimbwe I think.
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