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  1. I think I have some sort of fungus in my tank that is killing off fish slowly. How do I get rid of it?
  2. I have a couple of canister filters and dont really fully understand how they work. One has 3 trays the other 4. I have ceramic 'noodles', plastic gauze and fine sort of fabric mesh in the various trays. Does it matter in which order you place the media? Is one sort of media more preferable to another? How many 'noodles' would a 240l tank need? Thanks for reading this
  3. I know exactly how you feel, I have exactly the same problem! It's frustrating and annoying.
  4. Thanks for the responses ...The tank used to be heavliy stocked and planted ... I like the idea of the sugestion they are becoming 'violent' towards each other. I will try and feed them in different places from now on. I only use tank water ..if its good enough for me it should be ok with them...
  5. And still they die; its only ever the BNs.. and they have got some wood .... whaaaa
  6. Over the last 3-4 weeks there has been an increasing number of BNs dying in both my tanks. They share the tanks with tetras, mollies, platties and loaches and until recently everythings was fine. Now all of a sudden the 4-5cm BNs are dying one at a time every few days. The big ones seem ok and the other fish look ok are all breeding so the must be healthy. I do weekly water changes. Any one got any ideas what the cause is? I give them zucchine and wavers each day for food... just had a thought, do they need wood to munch on (they havent got any)
  7. This morning a BN was dead in the tank with what looked like bright red eyes. This evening a Platy was lying on the bottom of the tank looking very lethargic with a bright red eye. The other fish in the tank, guppies, mollies,BN and tetras are seem to be ok. Any idea what is happening? And how do i fix it?
  8. I have a tank with mollies, platys, BNs and neons. I want to add chery shrimp, will any of these turn my shrimps into an expensive aquatic snack?
  9. I have been finding guppies dead in one of my tanks the last few mornings. Other fish in the same tank, namely tetras and BNs are ok. There are a couple of 4-5" clown loaches in the same tank. Do clown loaches attack other fish?
  10. Hi I saw some 'yellows' in a tank today and was very impressed with them; but I forgot to ask what species they were. Would they live in a planted tank with guppies, BNs and chery shrimp or is that the recipe for an aquatic disaster?
  11. I have just been given a second hand tank. The glass needs to be cleaned badly to remove old deposits/'tide marks' etc... What is the best/safest way to clean the glass on the inside and outside of the tank that will be safe for fish when they eventually go in? Thanks
  12. Hi I will be travelling to Brisbane this weekend and want to buy some Cherry shrimp. I don't have any fangled equipment and was wondering how long about 20 Cherry shrimp would survive in one of those large plastic 'fish' bags pet shops use? They may need to be in a bag around up to 24 hours ... is there any thing else I can do to minimise deaths?
  13. When not all my beads go from brown to white in colour its because the bleach wasn't strong enough. I just pour out the 'old' bleach and use a fresh dose of bleach and it seems to clean the rest up. I have left the purigen soaking for a few days and it doesn't seem to matter. Not too sure about lavender bleach though...
  14. I was wondering if it is possible to have difference types of BNs in the same tank without them interbreeding?
  15. I am only new to keeping fish, I have 4 foot tank with a canister filter. I keep reading references to sump pumps. What is a sump pump?... what advantage do they have over other pumps?
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