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  1. My cf1000 has leaky taps, they were only replaced about 8-9months ago and up untill the last filter clean was all good but when i put it all back together it was leaking like crazy from the taps. Im out of work currently so would prefer it if i didnt have to replace them again. Any suggestions? Have tried thread seal tape but still getting a steady drip
  2. Also, any bait suggestions in a fish trap?
  3. Anyone suggest any places around ipswich/springfield for fire tails? Having trouble finding many.
  4. I only replaced the taps on my cf1000 about a year ago. All was well untill todays clean, both in and out were leaking when i put the hoses back on. The taps are both a year old as mentioned and look quite good So i really dont want to replace the taps if possible. Can i just do the o-rings? Look like they may be annpoying to remove and replace
  5. First bottle in my aqua one nano co2 kit lasted maybe 3 weeks, not sure if thats normal but i did expect longer. Latest bottle not even 2 weeks and we are empty. At $35 a pop its in excess of $10 a week on co2. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I want to upgrade the a refillable cylinder but the initial price is a bit much for me at the moment
  6. Where is a good spot to find freshwater mussels around logan/beaudesert? Used to find them heaps as a kid in caboolture but havent seen them since. Even if someone can get a couple for me?
  7. I got an Aqua one nano co2 a few weeks ago, seems im starting to run out of gas. The aqua one replacments are approx $34. Just wondering if this kit is compatable with painball cylinders at all or any other cheaper brands.
  8. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this black plastic that goes around the top of the tank? Brisbane preferably
  9. After posting I did think about the temp fluctuations of the bathroom so will aim for a better location. Thanks for the advice, mrs did want a starfish of some sort and I do like bristle stars, also loves her crabs and i keep terrestrial snails so hoped for some marine ones too.
  10. I have been racking my brain to work out what to get the mrs for chrissy, i was thinking of starting up my fluval spec v 19l tank again to grow mosses and some small FW fish but then i saw pics of fluval spec v's that had been converted to marine to nano reef tanks so i thought, while it may be a late present im sure the mrs would LOVE a nano reef in the bathroom. So now, here comes the questions. Filtration, Im assuming the inbuilt pump and filtration isnt suitable for a reef tank, from some light research it seems live rock and sand is a big part of filtration on a marine tank. What do i do for filtration for such a small tank? Lighting, the stock lights are fairly low on these, for a 19l what kind of lighting would i need? Live stock, im planning on using some small corals, tube worms, christmas worms or something along those lines and if possibly some inverts and 2-3 small colorful fish, gobies, blennys or something like that. This will be my first venture into marine so the more advice here the better
  11. Added another 6 species of native moss to the tank tonight along with 1 liverwort. Out of the 5 I previously put in the tank only 2 seem to have done anything (middle rock at the back and the stick). These new ones are all from the waters edge of a local creek and would likely be submerged at some stage naturally. Hopefully something grows
  12. Started a tank around 3-4weeks ago and have this brown algae taking over. I assume it probably came with plants or driftwood i collected. Is this likely to subside as the tank ages and plants grow or will this need some other course of action? It looks ugly and is growing on my mosses, making them look like crap.
  13. No huge loss, only cost like $3ea or less. Mainly brought for turtle feeders, mrs just decided to keep a few.
  14. Are albino Hongi commonly bred? From what i have read it seems most of the albino hongi are miss id'd and actually red top zebs? We were sold these as hongi and have got 2 albino fry from them. Just want to confirm the id.
  15. Someone asked me to put pics of these up once i got them, here is one of the little guys settling into his tank.
  16. Cheers mate, good bit of info there. Their habitat seem to be quite varied. even heard of them living in drains.
  17. Yea dave was my first point of contact, waiting to hear back from him. His range is what steered my towards the nt biotype
  18. Hopefully setting up a 4ft aquarium (unsure of exact measurements) for a macleays water snake, planning on doing a Northern territory billabong biotype with driftwood, live plants, fish and invertebrates. Could anyone give some plant suggestions? Water will be slightly alkaline
  19. they are, quite like them though, feed on flake too happy about that, should keep them happy till i get a microworm culture established
  20. Anyone keeping these? picked up 3 today to go in with my cherry shrimp. Not the most amazing looking fish but i like em and the name was a huge selling point. Anyone else with these care to share experiences? Water parameters? Food? Breeding?
  21. i got 6 2days ago but looks like im down to 5, 1 may have made its way into the filter compartment, should be fine if it stick to the sponge lol
  22. I have a little Fluval spec 5 setup with a few cherry shrimp and some local moss. Want to add more plants. It has LED lighting, a thin layer of black gravel, no heater, no co2 so i know my selection will be limited. Can anyone give me a few idea on what to use? Ground covers and small tuffed plants are what im mainly looking at. John
  23. decided to get some cherrys, glad i did, really are quite beautiful
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