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  1. Males posses a broad head and odontodes on the posterior part of the body, behind the gill covers and on the pectoral spines. The latter two are a lot shorter in the females.
  2. I would try turning the temperature up gradually to 30 degrees and turn off your aquarium lights. White spot cannot live above 30 degrees and turning off the lights makes it hard for the white spot to find a host. I would try this before introducing meds especially to Loaches. If meds are used, I would use protozin as this is safe to use with loaches as I have used this in my tank previousely. Remember if you turn up the temperature, make sure their is more airation in your tank.
  3. It was a true pleasure to buy fish from Jolene and especialy to see how well all her fish where kept and also the passion she has for this hobby. Well done Jolene and any buyer will be more than pleased when buying off you.



  4. Stringing white poo, it sounds like you fish has worms. Treat the whole tank with Metronidazole. If one fish has it, it is more than likely other fish do too.
  5. I beleive they are L134, I may have a friend who is interested, please PM me with your price for the colony and how many?
  6. Could be lack of oxygen in the water, make sure the surface is rippling and that you have suffient filtration.
  7. I am thinking it could be Melanotaenia splendida tatei
  8. Hey Chooka, Your hardness is quite high, try lowering this to 15-20ppm for Geos. Also, how long has you tank been running? What is your nitrite level? Geos like very good water quality.
  9. Sometimes rainbows get ulcer type sores on them if they are fed too much protein, try more vegetable in their diet for a while and see if this dissapears. If you have all males in your tank, it could be partly the reason for some of the aggression and the fact they are 3 times the neons size.
  10. Nice John, the tank looks hot, very impressive, love the Bosemani
  11. Good for you Aqua-man, look forward to seeing some of your pics
  12. This is my 5ft tank also aquascaped by Jeff a while ago before my Geophagus aripuana, heckelii & brachybranchus were introduced.
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