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  1. Yeah not sure if i'm overfeeding just been going off the recommendations... on the packaging. Which is (for me) a couple of small pinches of flake or pellet Thanks ozarowana so i shouldn't worry then? I will give my tap water a full test and report back.. cheers
  2. I don't think im overfeeding but i will cut back if necessary.. ( i feed twice a day for 2mins) so my tap water can be causing the spike in ammonia? maybe i'm doing too large of a water change... and the beneficial bacteria in the tank cannot break down everything.. not sure...
  3. Running a 3ft 150L tank cycled. Been running for months now. Stocking: Apisto "Alenque" pair Apisto "Black chin" pair 2 x angelfish 6 x bentosi tetra 2 x yoyo loaches 1 x clown loach 1 x kribensis 1 x blue ram At one point i also had 6 x lemon tetra a few cardinal and rummy nose tetras in the tank also Was Babysitting for a friend Filtration eheim pro 3 2075 (1250lph) Filter media 1 tray substrate pro 1 tray substrate pro 2 trays eheim mech 1 100ml bag seachem purigen Last time i checked my water parameters: ph 7.4 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrates 20 Checked my water again: ph 7.4 Ammonia .50 Nitrite 0 Nitrates 10 W/C are 25% bi-weekly or 50% weekly I did rearrange the tank recently but nothing too major. Checked for dead fish nothing... I did have a blue ram die yesterday but fish was removed from tank straight away. (I'm guessing from the ammonia) Plants: Only have 1 piece of Anubias in the tank. I've been trying for the past few days to lower my Ammonia via PWC to no avail. I checked my tap water today and it has 2ppm of ammonia. Could that be the source of my problem? That I'm adding water with ammonia even though I'm using prime to detoxify? I have dosed my tank with prime to detoxify Ammonia for the fish's sake How do i get it back down to zero? Please need some advice...
  4. a picked up a pair also lovely fish!! wanted to do a biotope but its really hard finding usable pictures of there habitat...
  5. no worries... Just deciding on what Unit i should get... http://www.psifilters.com.au/buy-online ... waste.html Is probably the Unit i will go for ... Unless anyone can recommend something better. Question Do RO units more chlorine? so then i wouldn't have to use prime etc in my RO water? Probably be setting mine like in this video minus the DI and adding a waste water container
  6. cheers mate good info will look into what you have suggested cheers
  7. yeah thats what i have been using (distilled water) and peat moss.
  8. Is there going to be a group buy @ psi if so which model are we looking @ getting? i'm looking to purchase one this week... cheers Adam
  9. Look for a very high quality flake and pellet for my P.T "kienke" pair any suggestions? something with garlic,spirulina and color enhancing would be great.. from my searches The brands OSI and Spectrum seem to be popular.. which is best? cheers
  10. also interested in a RO Unit will be keeping an eye on this thread
  11. informative thread.. looks like i will be trying to source some Rainwater.
  12. Does anyone know if and if so how to sterilize a hospital tank?? Im not sure if i have to sterilize the tank or not ?
  13. what if i'm not using any of the old substrate? Is the bacteria in the filter enough? I will be u adding a new filter in conjunction with the old filter in the old tank until the new filter (external) has been established is that ok?
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