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  1. I dosed occasionally with mine and no dramas at all.
  2. Hi Mate I know your asking for offers on your rtgg But what price would you be happy with!?

    I'm not just asking for interest or to waste your time. Instead of msg backward and forwards I just want to know what you'd be happy with and we can go from there thanks Jake

  3. Hey mate I'm not interested in a tank sorry, just want an exotic to trade. Thanks anyway

  4. I have a 7 ft salt water set up if you consider trade and cash? Let me know if that interests you

  5. Hi kikrman.

    What's the lowest you'll go for both the sailfins?

  6. Those two strips running the width of the tank in the middle are to cover the silicone in between the panels. Did a bit of research before buying it and apparently that's how they used to make bigger tanks to allow for movement as mitch said. Things change and it's not really done now. More joins = more potential leaks and issues. Bracing around the edges of the base is enough for added strength on a one piece base
  7. Well done nicole glad he went to a good home. I knew he had it in him!
  8. I've done it with 3 large L202 with no dramas. Would come down to the individual fish though
  9. Hard to say man either way it's a lot of coin to risk. They say never mix two dats together regardless of size i would think? I say pick which ever you'd prefer and stick with it unless you can find another 2-3
  10. Hung @ red dragon has a decent sized one atm about 10-15cm? Unsure of price
  11. I have one you can use man. When did you want to borrow it?
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