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  1. Hi mate interested in the tank can I have ur number so I can call u to come have a look

  2. Sorry wrote in the wrong area. Thanks

  3. Hi Doug, its steve here (brickie02)id like to buy some off your dolphins for you ,do you have any atm

    cheers steve

  4. Hi brickie,interested in the hongi !can you please message your number so I can call you.mine is 0407137544.ty brad

  5. 12 Harry Mac Court Narangba

  6. hows things going with the white lip mdokas sorted out a colony yet?

  7. No problem. Just call bfore you leave to make sure I'm home. I can always drop them off if you'd prefer.



    33250993 / 0422252303

  8. Hi peter ill try and get over there tomorrow sorry ive been slow i waited all day for for this guy to pick up tanks and he didnt show

    cheers steve

  9. hey mate jus wondering if you wud sell both females seperate??? if so will give you $170 for both girls

  10. Thankyou very much guys for your help,ive got this guy flying up from sydney on tuesday and getting here at 4.30pm and going back 8pm the same day ,he said that he has been told that he can take them on the plane with him ,i hope hes wright ,ill ring around today and try and find a shop with o2 and heavy duty bags . Thanks again for everyones help ,and to lance with the offer to help me pack them cheers steve
  11. Hi ,i need to no where i can take my mobas, and i can get help me bag them with oxygen so that they can be sent on a plane ,any help will be appreciated cheers steve
  12. Ok i want to sump my tanks 3 ,4ft and 3, 6ft when i get them and a 4 /2/2 but im abit unsure what size i need and what size pump as well ,any help would be great cheers steve
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Dribbles and i would like to come but are we able to meet you guys and gals there as we only live 5 minutes from there cheers steve
  15. Hi im looking to buy a breeding pair off peppermints ive been told that they are about 3 years old ,what i want to know is at what age do peppermints stop breeding as ive got no idea any help will do cheers steve
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