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  1. QLDAF Future

  2. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    Discus what Discus hahahahahaah Ricordia in full swing more to come
  3. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    Picked up a nice Flame Angel and a group of Chromis today, All our Discus bar one sold and gone to make way for the 5x2x2 to be changed over to a Saltwater predator tank Picked up a few new Gonies, and 2 female Motoro Rays
  4. WANTED Large spray bar & bendy

    Thats fantstic, glad to see you had success with it
  5. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    Thats a given mate already have the goodies ready and waiting, went to pick up the kamoer 4 slave today, and it ended up being another master 4 slave, all sweet in the world
  6. Black background

    black acrylic paint will go on easy and come off easy when u want to change it,
  7. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    New little 3 doser just about to be setup, Alk, Mag and Cal will be on the list, we have a 4 slave coming soon, this will handle the vodka and a few other goodies
  8. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    loving our reef tank, coming along well,
  9. Pure Mantilla Male 25+cm

    if he isnt we might be any piccies and price for the little gal? pm me if you can and if the OP wants it obviously leave us out of the convo
  10. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    Designer Clowns hosting our Frogspawn
  11. Updated Discus Sale (Make offers)

    Guy's lots of interest last night SOld as one group to a Wynnum Buyer 2 x white's 2 x Fuji's 1 x Melon Leaves the Map Boy amazing fish, and the yellow checkerboard, thanks for all the interest so far Ray
  12. Ok 6 gone, a few left, we will take offers, not shipping at this stage but can meet on Friday the 1st June 2018, (Maccas down near the Tech Den) or anywhere along the freeway lol from Gympie to the maccas,,,,,,,,, we will be dropping off fish at the maccas at 10-1030am on the Friday Below are the remaining DIscus::::: Map Boy, massive and lovely 2 Fuji Red, colours are pooooppppping Melon Boy big fella SMaller yellow CHeckerboard nice 2 white diamond's 1 lge 1 small make us an offer, going up for sale in a few place hit me up
  13. Marine Stuff WAnted

    all sorted for tanks mate, more so odd bits n bobs equipment wise
  14. Marine Stuff WAnted

    wat sort of skimmer matey