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  1. sick cichlids

    everything is perfect, water is fine, and the specialists have checked, you can close the thread now
  2. sick cichlids

    I lost interest John
  3. sick cichlids

    what volume of water and frequency? and why would you take the decorations all out? tank water? town water? and what are the readings?
  4. sick cichlids

    if everything is fine, they would not be dying how big is the tank, what are your exact water parameters, what filtration, alittle history on the tank ie, how long running, etc etc, what have you done and what have you checked?
  5. 4x3x2 Reefy tank

    Kamoer Dosing Pump time Set up the 3 doser, then another 4 Doser on the way
  6. 6 Bay Fry / Fighter Tank

    what a cracker little set up and a ridiculous price, if i was into catties would snap it up in a second, someone is gunna get a cracker little setup
  7. Discus set up

    certainly did, I will pm you some details
  8. Discus set up

    HELL BLOODY YES and then some lol
  9. Discus set up

    thats shit and OMFG freeze dried blackworm fooookin lerv that
  10. Discus set up

    Hey mate Discus Gran Sera Flora Amazonia I think it was called and a Killer home made Beef heart mix,
  11. New 8ft Front foyer tank

    hey mate ive always loved the longer wider shallow ones as well, used to breed all my catties in them years ago the tank has no divider so more than likely a reflection
  12. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    Coming along well, but silly me, plumbed the incorrect size pipes on the outlet, 3x25mm pipes lol wanker, was plumbing up another tank n didnt stop to think but its sexy and cutting out the 25's today to put the 50's in, so tomorrow arvo, in a few days we kick it into life but how sexy is that sump
  13. Discus set up

    Sterbai are better with Discus do better in the hotter water
  14. Your a legend mate !!! Keep up the great work.


  15. Discus set up

    nice work, always good