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  1. 100ltr RDO water holder 240ltr x 2 Internal saltwater tubs and a sexy tank
  2. filter sock vacuuming tank looks amazing
  3. Red Sea Reefwave 45's an the RO unit getting setup today
  4. bloody hell you guys are attention whores, I traded my Corvette in for a breeding trio he ripped u all off but not me, i am just waiting at the servo for the swap now, he did get me to transport the car through paypal through, it got picked up this morning
  5. OMG I just sent out $2k for ma Zebbies u mean I aint getting them now
  6. we have a few salt and fresh our Moray eel tank is a predator tank only, live rock, good skimmer and away you go, we have saltwater shipped in and store it, so its fairly cheap option, another Q tank live rock nothing else and then 2 reef tanks, newest one is Sarah's and she is going all out so cost wise is up there but fun
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