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  1. I have a fudgeload of good shell grit substrate out of an old 8fter if you ever down this way its yours if you want
  2. holy shitballs I totally for got all this stuff is in a wheelbarrow, so I can chuck you a few good pieces and some smaller stuff
  3. get ya butt onto Dennison he builds the ultimate tanks and stands, he jut built our nearly 9x3x3 great price, and delivers OMFG how good
  4. get googling, when we had ours made in Caloundra there were 10000000000000 places to get them
  5. I used to live at Clontarf for a 100yrs, used to do 50-80% water change every week for my discus never missed a beat
  6. Bristle worms, really good clean up crew but have to monitor them, we have them in our tanks and drop some traps in everynow and then
  7. we have 4 of them around the place and yes indeed you should have them, your fish will get through Summer, but corals will not fare so well good investment
  8. not needed, but use chocks as you mentioned under the marine ply, i used to have 7fters sitting flush on the beams supported by formply works a treat
  9. Thanks to @challenger1966 for the fish, all settling in well, Flagfin has some wicked color on him and he should enjoy the large tank when all setup, blue tang is chilling in another tank
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Sold on both as per message, let me know if Saturday works for u
  12. Sold on both as per message, let me know if Saturday suits
  13. John's a legend at @The Tech Den there are no other sponsors alive lol if nothing is said by tonight I will post a list of both shop front and online lots of names
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