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  1. angle fish

    i used to breed 90degree Angle fish, but after a few years of inbreeding, a fair proportion were 45degree\65degree I think warmer water may help
  2. WTB Banana lillies and moss

    too easy
  3. gone

    sad thats nuts
  4. WTB Banana lillies and moss

    hit up @tutters187we got sum sexy nana lillies offa her
  5. gymnogeophagus balzanii

    heaps around
  6. Facebook Fails

    facebook has never really allowed it, all they have done is changed the way they populate their adds but easily bypassed . considering there are a million and one site selling animals
  7. Banned Member for Racist Messages

    Spot on, soft approach just allows an excuse that will always occur again
  8. Facebook Fails

    Society in general has a lack of control, control is up to the person and or user. Copying business and or identity has been around for many many years more than facebook but certainly the good old internet has made it easier to prey on people who do not use good judgement and or are sheep.
  9. Facebook Fails

    my rellies are over seas and alot of friends also, so its nice to catch up and say hello that way i dont have to throw them out when they have overstayed their visit
  10. Facebook Fails

    u pick up a book and squash your face in it
  11. Facebook Fails

    I like to give second chances Steve I prefer to focus on the good of something rather than the fails of something else Facebook like many other platforms is not the failure, its peoples inability to use common sense, there are some excellent facebook sites out there with a multitude of brilliant minds. its an interesting little conversation though
  12. Facebook Fails

    i dont know why you are singling out facebook, its definitely not the only place that fails
  13. Banned Member for Racist Messages

    why just for a year, once a Naughty boy always a Naughty Boy do it permanently, leopards never change their spots.
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  15. Go the Grundfos

    Grundfos are the bomb i remember old Lance, n I used to use them