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  1. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    There are some fantastic online forums and facebook has some wicked planted tank pages
  2. perhaps a discus tank you say

    nice plates and rams, and pepps and things
  3. hi mate how are u

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. johnbetta


      that's good to here as 4 me could be better I have two hernias and need an op to fix them

    3. raycam01_au
    4. johnbetta


      yes it blows big time it happened at the gym I leg pressed 475 kgs and goot the lifts out

  4. Where to repashy on gold coast

    @The Tech Den stocks it,
  5. perhaps a discus tank you say

    i will keep spamming it till it gets to the bottom of each page lol
  6. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Tank looking awesome,
  7. Facebook Fails

    cant think of any its like all of the internet, good and bad
  8. ph meter

    sweet, will buzz u alittle later when i see what roster i am doing
  9. perhaps a discus tank you say

    looking good
  10. ph meter

    hmmm let me check my roster over the next couple of days, should be able to meet up at the Puma there one morning if that suits
  11. ph meter

    they work any good? if u cant get a swap did u wanna post it up to me?
  12. ph meter

    what brand is it mate
  13. perhaps a discus tank you say

    we have a IBC container outside, will be using that alittle down the track, we are currently buffering with a special Substrate which is raising our PH nicely we probably want to see it sit around 6,5, amonia and all other parameters are perfect over the last 3 weeks. With the rainwater we were experiencing major crashes due to it being so low, and inadvertently doing too large a water change was throwing everything out of whack, so we are actually dropping down the frequency of the water changes and the volume and its holding really well. we have a couple of holding tanks for the Discus and they are perfect and have been for over 3 months now, its been a fun ride, this is the first time I have ever been on 100% PURE VIRGIN WATER, but all coming good
  14. perhaps a discus tank you say

    Same, its a hard wait, we had some fun with our Rainwater, it's about 4.5 out of the tap and the tank was alittle unstable at that low a PH, so we have played around with a few things and increased the PH to assist in making it alittle more stable. its been rocking out around PH 6.5-7 currently so we are quite happy with this. America in mid october and then upon return the plates will swim again, with some L's and Sterbai
  15. perhaps a discus tank you say

    @Nazegorenggot this little fella off @The Tech Den the other day sexy little flatty