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  1. no worries at all mate take care and hopefully u will have one sooner than later
  2. yeah they are an awesome size, lots of character also, and heaps of fun to watch
  3. Hey John The 3 white eyed morays are adult size so around 3ft and the Tessalata is around 4ft
  4. Hard and soft pipe work all plumbed, chiller plumbed light goes on tomorrow and maybe some water in the next few days all good in the world coffee time
  5. Facebook Market place FTW again picked up this awesome little Aqua one set up bought 2 chillers off 2 mates and scored a great little LED light off another mate
  6. the boys are hungry tomorrow they dine
  7. first feeding, response was awesome whitebait down the hatch
  8. New addition to the family, have wanted alittle snowflake for ages
  9. Devils hand also just put into the Eel tank, look sweet
  10. Lovely piece I got free off a mate as he was selling off his stock taking pride in the back of our reef tank, looks hell cool
  11. sump 2 heaters, 1 main heater 1 x backup, nice little pump and away you go, simple, cost effective and massive filtration options IMO single sponge filters ok, but will need individual heaters for each tank, pain in the bum canister filters are good as boat anchors,
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