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  1. hiya mate i am pretty sure I have a couple hiding around I will have a look over the next day or two
  2. Day 8,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, water clarity and readings are amazing, sump is performing to perfection
  3. @JB well she does have a cute butt, that website is a hole nuther story not sure it would fit in the wholesome umbrella known as Qldaf
  4. A few have asked, so here is a quick sneak peak of some of the catty breeding tanks
  5. @Nazegoreng wanted a few little pepps in the Discus tank, so we caught 3 this morning out of the breeding tank, the breeding tank sits at around PH 4.5-5 main tank after all the rain sits at around Ph7
  6. Dropped into @The Tech Denon the way home today to collect some food, sponges and 40 Cardinal Tetras and 3 Mystery snails, got home Acclimatized them and away we go
  7. I enjoy the sound of my own voice so thanks The tank is looking great, I am doing a day to day progression and we are tracking, PH, Amonia,, Nitrite, nitrate and a few other things to get ready for the plates
  8. Day 3 update, water is polishing up, sump is on fire and a shameless bash of some products and @The Tech Den to name a few
  9. Have to @DeagonTheo the trio of Peppermints I bought off you suck big time, they just dont stop spawning n are very sexy, just hate them if you want good fish get them from Theo, nice bloke to and then my other colony of pepps decide to breed, hate it, pepps n plates soon
  10. Holy shitballs mate 1500, now thats a steal, best of luck with the sale
  11. Day 2 of the tank, coming along very well
  12. just hit facebook. sell very quickly
  13. dats a fine sexy tank
  14. mighty fine piece of machinery if i do say so myself