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    Hate the Colour yellow, spineless little freaks
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    The colour yellow, such a **** colour
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    Yellow Ologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. i have a truckload of bio balls but live in curra where is drewvale, cant google, dont know how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or to post pictures just kidding but got heaps
  3. Awesome Job shop is looking great and range is ever growing and the online shop is a winner takes alot of time and effort to run a business, some people will never understand that (They are special) keep up the great work
  4. not much common sense but yet you post
  5. Geelong I see, there are a few peeps up this way that ship Living Reef are sexy as shit Darren Thompson does some @Rc Merker does some sexy as ferk ones also
  6. Few peeps asked about the Fluval Led light with WIFI , its a little bit pricey but very happy overall with the results thus far.
  7. Dennison is sexy as omg i mean makes sexy tanks
  8. Grundfos ftw and currently using an eheim in our Discus setup,,,,, Eheim in the Discus set up is in our loungeroom n is super quiet Grundfos is when u wanna get serious
  9. nice plates
  10. the thread was from about 2008 his camera was sexy, but I have an even better camera i will pop some pics up in honor of Jim
  11. insane price 1 spawn u make ur coin back best of luck with the sale
  12. I do facebook but not QLDAF Facebook, cant find it, looked, but no where to be found
  13. u can polish the tools up alittle sparkle can reignite the love
  14. @jimbozed I miss his head