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  1. do come in handy when you drop power for 5 odd hours
  2. our little royal gramma will be with us in a fortnight
  3. we have too many Wrasses believe me i would pull the trigger on some shrimps hahaha I hassle Sarah all the times about shrimps lol
  4. Been hassling Ray for ages, about time lol we will go see him soon,
  5. Sarah does love her Goni's How good do they look, the colours are eye popping, just using the filters she bought me to kill the blue light, nearly spot on
  6. Hey mate Its always hard when you see something and your not ready to pull the trigger ( we have been in the situation before) hence why we have a quarantine tank always on the go lol we are setting up an empty office space soon for our RO storage, our 2 x 240ltr saltwater cartage containers and our 4 Quarantine tanks we are really happy with how this tank is coming along
  7. Lineatus Wrasse Naoko Wrasse Lawnmower Blenny Squareblock Anthias and the Cutest little Hippo tang
  8. mate of ours has to shut down a tank to due a house move, so we picked up a few corals and fish last night, (we will frag some of these and others to surprise him) when he gets back up and running picked up a torch, scolly, hammers, scrolling monti, leather devils hand and some zoas
  9. Day 6 and Winning on the thinning haha
  10. Sarah and I just finished putting together this awesome DIY Mesh top for our Red Sea Reefer, best thing to keep your little jumpers in the water where they are supposed to be
  11. we used to keep snakes so very similar, been hit a few times, always fun
  12. They are surprisingly polite when catching, we did the move when we got them off a friend, and he was standing in a huge round pool they were in and moving the rock lol Im like fark that we have a huge fishing net and once they are in they are pretty placid fingers crossed they stay the same but will video it just for the fun factor
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