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  1. The Gympie sun is the same so you have to keep an eye on it, we have a large Bismark palm in the front driveway, I have a mate with some machinery that will be coming in a couple of weeks to dig it out and the large rocks around it, then we will dig down about 900 and I will get that ready for our Avocado tree thanks for the kind words, we are just under 2acres which is a nice size without going nuts, plenty of space to play with
  2. We have the Jaboticaba in the top and bottom small paddocks, they are full sun for most of the day, but get afternoon and mid morning shade seem to be going really well at this stage Nice list
  3. hey mate we havent moved them yet, its been a hectic year and start to the new year, will be sure to video the move hahah sarah and I have a good idea of the stocklist, all will be revealed, I think the tank is being delivered in around 4 to 6 weeks excitement time,
  4. I have tried them and they are lovely UpdatE frog pong progression - YouTube
  5. haha i might give it a crack here see what they taste like
  6. lots more to go, putting up a couple of 2mtr front supports and a shade cloth roof, and then some shelves in and out of the water to allow the frogs to hide in pretty cool
  7. quick little video of progress lots of rain last night so it worked out well frog pond and fruit trees - YouTube
  8. Sure is mate itching to get it filled and ready for the Morays
  9. hey John went perfectly its now sitting and waiting for a minimum of 7 days, I am just redoing the plumbing and getting it ready for water, exciting times ahead
  10. for sure, threw around a quick box section this afternoon after work, and its going to piss down soon, will get piccies in a few days
  11. thats why i want ma dunny looked at, make it worth his while Heinz ma frog palace will be sexy as
  12. Bought this Reln 1000ltr tub ages ago with intentions of it becoming a pond, Green Tree Frogs specifically, we have millions here. Well today was the day we begun will box it up with microshade sleepers and make alittle deck trip up the top, cant wait Frog Pond - YouTube
  13. Awhile ago you may remember I moved this awesome tank over to a new position for our Eels, inadvertently I placed in onto a small ridge on the tiles and in my excitement set it up and had it running for a week before one of the front panels decided to let go hahahaha well we have clean floors now anyways Today is the day we pull the panel off and reseal and redo some angles on it monster tank reseal - YouTube
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