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  1. A bit too much competition to allow the geos to raise some bubs new larger home soon
  2. exciting times, this little female is gunna explode soon Dad is excited
  3. Liked it so we bought it
  4. thought it was cool so we bought it
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hello Marine person we r also marine people and other stuff
  7. Growing well, getting Platier and flippier
  8. thanks for the Link Doug I didnt want @gingerbeer to think I was being too helpful straight up, I have a reputation to upkeep
  9. Dennison sexy bitch he is drives funny rice burners and generally a great guy he is building shit for me now he is good
  10. too right mate, i had an old Jebao in the garage literally pulled it out after about 4 odd years, threw it in the tank and away it went and that was 2 years ago price and quality u cant go past
  11. I have come to the conclusion, used all the top brand pumps, all of them, some good some bad, some shite Jebao is all I use currently, and I cannot kill the fookers DC pumps, low watts, run forever cheap just thought I would share, for no reason, dont ban me Ginger
  12. Sarah will pimp me out to make some coin, I like spending money, were putting Solar in soon, and a fireplace, so I can spend more
  13. they sure are @Cam07 love their octopus n prawns,
  14. I just keep getting banned hahaha but have managed to stay out of trouble for an entire week now we just added a weapon of a eel tank, will be getting Dennison to make our new 12x4x2 for the Rays in a few months,
  15. yes they are, just took this, 5x2x2 with some nice Orandas
  16. the wrasse is super sexy, unsure whether or not we will leave him in this tank or move him
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