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  1. I have a friend that rescues all types of fish and some of the photos that she shows me are OMFG cant even begin to believe how bad they are
  2. Was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time, yellow tangs are not cheap currently, but we picked up this beauty and it is home in my Q tank with a beautiful orange shouldered tang eating like a trooper and going very well excuse the poor video, they are awaiting their MONSTER DENNISON built tank, just cementing rock work, so another month or so and away we go
  3. Yellow Tang currently in Quarantine with a lovely orange shouldered Tang, right place right time for the yellow pure lucky pick up ,
  4. @QldMick it is indeed a lovely YELLOW TANG, just at the right place\right time and the stars and the moon aligned
  5. indeed it is, a very very very nice specimum, stumbled across it by luck, made an offer that couldnt be refused and away we went, just settling into the Q tank with an Orange shouldered tang and a Blennie
  6. Interesting day we dropped our yellow car off this morning for some go faster bits shed pad got dug concrete man booked in for slab, new shed in a couple of weeks water changes and went to get some salt at Noosaville and came back with something YELLOW but not the corvette what could it be
  7. great price and nice little fish, someone will get a bargain
  8. awesome tank some lovely color on all of those guys Pulcher's look awesome, I wouldnt mind another tank of those guys, awesome little fish,
  9. Courier should be delivering the E Marco cement on Thursday and we start scaping the monster tank, we have a tonne of rocks to scape with, will end up doing 3 towers as such, once we get going a few pics will follow, Sarah have made 95% of her fish list for this tank, will be large Tangs and Angels, should look awesome once up and running
  10. Queensland Cichlid Group Auction Auction, JUNE 19th 2021 200pm Start The new venue for our Auction is the Springwood road State school.It is being held on the 19th June. Fish in from 2.00pm auction starts at 5.00pm.There will be no hot food ( plenty of take away near by. ) Cold drinks and water will be available.
  11. might have to fill my salty 9ft tank before I start to get any ideas some nice fish on that list
  12. cleaning day in the tanks Q room is looking good
  13. cleaning day today, placed another pump into a chamber so i could get the chaeto tumbling, worked a treat
  14. Hi mate forgot all about this add, they sold alittle while ago They were awesome fush
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  16. Hey mate, I will see if my mate has some, he specializes in Marine fish
  17. what a price OMFG No wonder they went quick
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. always nice to have some water ponds around
  20. let's have some eats
  21. crappy little video, coral Q tank coming along well, lots of bits n bobs, 78 days to go OMFG
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