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  1. no Sarah it means you have to venture to AOA more often Congrats donny, I might finally get to meet you now since i'm at AOA much more often
  2. courses in marine biology would be the best bet, but anyone studying marine biology would more than likely aspire to something greater than a local fish store... second to that, there are plenty of retail courses at tafe.
  3. can have a softening effect depending on what you use and the composition of your water. So just tread carefully with it
  4. yeah its generally good ****... can be purchased in a variety of different forms/products... Easylife is the most popular bentonite clay product.. works well
  5. got any recent pics of your big boy? how longs he now, have to be pushing 4 foot?
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  7. eggs have turned white! i wasn't expecting much from their 1st spawn and their age!
  8. thanks man! mother and father would probably be around 26cms! only could hope that he did his magic.
  9. I have had these guys less than a year. Noticed they were all flaring up at each other yesterday and this is what i woke up to Check out the hump on my little male!! He is around 23-4cms
  10. thanks mate, i have heard of the epsom bath, but as far as i knew it was only if the issue arose due to constipation/over feeding... i very much doubt that is the case as he hadn't been fed for nearly 3 days before i noticed the issue... i'm not one to over feed. Can't hurt to try it tomorrow though...
  11. so... i've had my 30cm male and 15cm female festae together for about 2 months now, showing good signs from day one that they would eventually do the deed. Living happily on their own in a 4x2x2 with 3ft sump... 48 hours ago, I was a little disheartened to see my male swimming a little odd... struggling to keep his equilibrium. Since then, it has become worse and worse, to the point that i am now confident in saying he has a problem with his swim bladder. so what does the female decide to do... lay her first batch of eggs!!!! GRRRRRRR... i've tried spinach, and peas, he wont eat it... he still happily eats massivore and other hikari foods but struggles to keep his tail end down so as far as i can tell he hasn't been able to fertilize the eggs even though he looks to be trying with all his might... Anyone have any ideas would be great So sick of this... tempts me to just quit and sell up
  12. Lol.. I give up with you lot sometimes... Good luck cogs... Ive done the research but all people wanna do is argue so meh. I'm not interested in the bitching that goes on
  13. No they don't, fast water turnover has nothing to do with bacteria efficiency if your referring to submerged media. BUT bacteria efficiency is affected if the media gets covered and clogged up with waste. You need some sponge in both to allow capture of debris, this keeps the bio media free for more bacteria to colonize. Your best bet is some sponge in both and chock them full of as much good bio media as possible - id do one full of matrix, the other full of aquaclay. Also, the idea of having JUST sponge in one fx5 wouldn't be fun as it would clog in a matter of days and you'd be forever cleaning it
  14. great work relle... shots are nice and crisp... d3100 are a great starter camera... p.s. mow your lawn
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