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  1. Hi Bristlenose, do you still breed Forktail blue eyes? If so, do you have any available?

    Cheers, Peta


  2. Just wondering if anyone have success keeping both in the same tank? Thanks ManHo
  3. I don't like them much either but that what I do when I'm still cycling a tank. House two mollies in there for a week or two, before adding other fishes in. Just a more safe and cheap way of doing it.
  4. Better start with Mollies, guppies or swords as they see more tough than other fishes
  5. Note: they are not adult size, probably ard 3-4cm.
  6. Fishchick stocks these beauties at the moment if anyone is after some
  7. Can anyone identify this?? Just realised there is something growing on the angel's side fin (the back dots). Is it some sorts of external parasite?? Thanks ManHo
  8. Just use the take away container lid, quick and easy, no extra handwork.
  9. Interesting shrimps!! Do they breed in you tank??
  10. [MENTION=3134]BRISSY[/MENTION]. Thanks for explaining btw
  11. [MENTION=3134]BRISSY[/MENTION]. I feed them the Tetra Color Tropical Granules Pellets and Aquaone Tropical Flakes, but normally my flying fox and bronze Cory finish the left over food before it hits the gravel. so most likely the 397 will not have chance eating any high protien food. http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/9792/cgbh.jpg I also feed the Cory and long fin bn the Sera Viformo food tablets http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/1193/3un4.jpg Thanks Manho
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