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  1. wow, the music scared the crap out of me hahahaha
  2. I believe I should add that drawing was of course mine and it was a quick rough sketch which was only meant to be used as a quick reference to get quotes. I had verbally discussed it with the shop and they said they were happy with it. They did contact me to say the measurements were out the weekend the shop was meant to be building it and to not hold them up I replied within 1.5hr of them contacting me with the correct measurements. When I asked if they needed clarification of the drawing they scribbled on it more with some of their own notes. The entire time I have been discussing it with the shop all I asked of them was communication as to what was happening. They said nothing about troubles with the drawing (except the measurements which I resolved ASAP) and they never mentioned that there were issues with the build.
  3. No idea, the shop won't talk to me ... let alone sell it to me after I pointed out the build quality wasn't what they promised .....
  4. It appears it isn't the builders fault. The shop showed me a tank which was of decent quality and told me they would have the sump built within the week .... can't argue against that. If the shop wants to set unreasonable deadlines they need to see to them or at least communicate to the customer that there would be a delay and what the expected time frame is .... which they did not do
  5. More like a third of the best quality .... as it took 3 weeks
  6. I could see this coming hahaha. I know you are super busy these days and they said they would be able to build the tank within the week ..... couldn't refuse that turn around!
  7. I requested for it to be made to my spec (which is well and truly not a standard size), however I didn't measure the 'final' product. It appears that the glass was cut to the wrong length and due to being pushed on time it is what was used. I have been advised that they had to get their business partner who is a tank builder to make the sump due to them not having time to complete it. I find this concerning as the reason I went with them was because I saw the quality of the tanks they had to offer and they said they would complete the build. I know of many dodgy tank builders out there and because of this I wonder who constructed it, unfortunately they refuse to tell me who made it.
  8. The tank itself seems to be ok (I didn't have a good look at it though), the example in the pictures are of some support bracings for a chamber that would be made out of egg crate.
  9. I am certainly not here to name and shame, I am simply looking for opinions on the silicone work they have presented me with. I have asked them if they think the work is acceptable and they have chosen not to comment on it so I wanted to ensure I was not being unreasonable to ask for it to be rebuilt.
  10. It was through (in my eyes) a reputable shop. I was not looking for a refund, I asked them if they could rebuild it ready for between Christmas and New Year (gives them an extra month) and they have told me to take my money and go elsewhere .... I did all I could to help them out but they are just cutting me down even though I have been very reasonable about the entire situation when I know many others would have been abusive about it. If anything I have been trying to give feedback of the experience and the only negative thing I believe I have said is that I was disappointed with the turn around and quality and that I believe they could do better Yesterday I saw they have listed the sump for $200 on facebook even though I asked them to give me a call to let me know if they could fix it or not. I have received no such call and the only reason I know they are not willing to fix it is because they have listed it on facebook .....
  11. Hi All, I thought I would just get some more opinions. I ordered a sump through a shop who quoted $300 for a 3.5ft sump (I do admit the design is a little complicated) which I was happy to pay as they offered a quick turn around (within the week) and a top quality job. Below is a picture of the silicone job I received 3 weeks later. Am I being unreasonable to ask them to redo it? Thanks
  12. So everything has been stripped out and we are starting again! The old sump is up for sale (http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-trader-13/sump-skimmer-filter-socks-99041/#post660406) and a new sump designed and should be ready this week! As it is a turtle tank, we need UV over the tank and we didn't want to part with the Radions for lighting so we have gone DIY again! We bought a Hagen Glo DYI kit, 2 x Geisman reflectors and 2 x Arcadia D3 bulbs. To hang the light we took the reflectors and attached some wire eye straps to each end of them. We off set them so that the light would tilt in towards the tank. We then used the same system as we used with the Radions and hung them from the same rail. As we only have the new lights hanging from each end we will still be able to slide the Radions out of the way and the new lights will have a hook on on the top of the hood that we can place them on so they are out of the way. Now we only need to cable manage it and it will look the piece Just waiting for the sump to be finished, then we can plumb the tank. Following that we will design and get the dock custom build out of acrylic and we will scape the tank If all goes well it should be pretty much finished and ready for the turtles in a fortnight
  13. Sooo ... It has been a while since I have done an update so I thought I would do one now This is the tank as of a fortnight ago And it now ..... we have stripped it down and are turning it into a turtle tank!
  14. it is slowly coming along, not up to the standard I want it yet i do have to say I miss the simplicity of fresh water, marine is a lot of work hahaha it is a nice tank indeed
  15. For those interested, here is a video I just took of the tank. We have FINALLY got a proper frame for the lights. We now just need to clad it with laminate board and add some sliding doors
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