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  1. Micro chipping and DNA testing is because they’re heavily protected and u can’t keep wild caught fish. The microchip makes it easy for authorities to track the history of ur fish. Also think ull find they’re not easy to breed, and last thing they want is for people taking them from the wild thinking they’ll breed them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. And body shape would also suggest this, certainly more peacock shaped than dimi comp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If test are varying or giving contrasting results, ur probably doing something wrong or ur tank is unstable. Test kit will detect a problem before it an issue or causing ur fish to stress. By the time u notice fish are unhappy can be too late to fix the problem. As Donny suggested keep records and u'll see trends and changes, esp in this situation where ur experimenting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. No not cheating, making it harder, different set of headaches, every 400mm taller adds another 1000kgs of water, glass size needs to go up, now looking at 19 - 25mm glass, prob a tonne of glass, and prob tripled the glass cost, and now the concrete is the the stand, so it has to be perfectly flat, no bumps no hollows Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. As fish junkie said, water is evenly distributed above the base glass, so pressure - therefore weight is also evenly distributed over base, only difference is rock placed on base as it is denser therefore it will exert more weight where it's located. The glass then transfers that weight onto the stand at the contact points between the 2, the bigger the surface area the lower the pressure, that is the idea of the foam, if there is a high spot ( rock, weld bump) that will take more weight and the pressure is increased, if that pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the glass, bang, that glass is broken. Better off spreading the load over the whole stand rather than the 9 point as u suggested, u will still get accurate load sensor reading on each leg, if measured at bottom, as weight has to transfer. Example of pressure difference on glass Tank weight 2000kgs = 4400lbs 9 legs 100x100 = 144"2 = 30psi on glass 100mm box rail around outside + cross across middle roughly 350"2 = 12psi So nearly a 1/3 less pressure on the glass - much safer Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Can't actually tell if long fin are "pure" until u breed them, long fins are just genetic variations, so very common to get a mix of long and shortfin in same batch Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. How did you cycle it? Lots of people run sand as substrate with no problems, including myself. What do you mean by levels seemed fine? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Can't keep a mad fish keeper out for long!! Can't wait to have another beer after an auction. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. All the salts are doing is trying to recreate their natural envirownment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. As donny and others have stated, rift lake cichlids have evolved over 1000s of yrs using very hard and alkaline water, yes they may survive without it, but it means their organs are working harder and leaves them susceptible to secondary issues. Also their gills are burnt if ph goes to low, hard alkaline water is quite stable and gives u more safety for your Africans. Here's some info on water chemistry and the importance to your fish http://aquaticnation.org/library/Lib_Gen_waterchemistry.php Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I've had a mouthful at that size if not a bit smaller, only a dozen or so eggs. Didn't even notice was only I netter them to sex them and she spat in the net, tumbled the eggs and fry hatched. Matt
  12. Cant tell with colour, I have girls with some blue in the cheeks, also if its in a display tank with more aggressive males it will hold colour back till its bigger so it doesn't get picked on, I've had venustus males at 15cm with no colour. The vent photo isn't great, but looks as though both vents are same size which would make it a boy. Girl vents front vent is small, back vent is larger and usually cream in colour.
  13. Hi Mick, These are the first comps I've had breed, so no comparison sorry, I can only assume they are (or I'm doing something wrong!). Current batches are both doing well, first batch are in a 2' on the system, 2nd are in the successful bucket and doing well. All I can figure is the are "lazy" eaters and don't seem to look for food, so need to be feed little bits often. Matt
  14. Checked my female tonight, fry were free swimming so I pulled them out, took some photos of female and fry while I was there, she has a bit of damage, she loves the D-cave! Male has better colour. Matt
  15. Hi Mick No haven't heard of any around, Hamza had a couple of pairs, think I got his last, part of the reason that I started to put some effort into them, need to preserve them. I was thinking the same about Fire Fins the other day, I bought a few of these over the years but never had any luck raising them to breeding size, funny thing is there were dozens of people breeding them at that time but obviously gone the same way and some other cichlids, people lose interest and they just fade away, will be disappointing if that has happened to Fire Fins as the are a great looking comp. Good news is my fry have lasted another week and my female is currently guarding another batch that are almost free swimming so I'll remove them tomorrow. Might even look at hedging my bet (and these comps) and send a batch of fry to someone else to raise (fry travel well). Matt
  16. Hi All, I have a nice pair of Muzi Gold Heads I bought off Hamza a few years ago (2010?), he was selling them as he didn't have the time to raise the fry. They have bred many times for me, but like Hamza, I haven't had the time to put into raising the fry (by luck I have raised a few 1x4cm and 1x2cm, that's all I have). The fry seem like very lazy eaters and struggle to get to 1cm. I've been told live Baby brine shrimp are best, but due to my workload and travel I haven't tried. The last batch that hatched I tried something new, as I was on holidays at the time I was going to make an effort to feed them at least 3 times a day. I removed the fry from the D cave that the female lays them in and put them in a 10l bucket with a sponge filter. So far this has worked well, managed to raise most of the fry, and after about a month they are now at about 1cm and seem to be going well. I have been feeding them a mix of frozen baby brine, cyclopeze and another fry powder. As the female is currently sitting on another batch of eggs, I've moved a few of the current fry in with some of my Malawi fry, and they seem to be doing fine and seem to be chasing food, so I think I'll move the rest into this tank over the weekend and try this again. Matt
  17. Aquatopia (now called Premier Pet) import Bevelled edge tanks, any LFS that buys from Bay Fish should be able to source them for you. Matt
  18. Hi Webby

    Unfortunately I have had no luck finding females for my l168s


  19. Ben @ Age of Aquariums sells it http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3495&catID=9 , but he's closed till the 10th. Good news is thats monday!! Matt
  20. Hey Baz When you reply there is a check box down the bottom under Miscellaneous Options saying Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder. Tick that and it will keep a copy, not sure if it remembers your last setting. Matt
  21. Hey Kel I too have seen Dougs shed, hard to go past his method, simple cheap and very easy!!! Roof blanket is layed over the frame b4 they screw roof on (its continuous bat with al foil bonded on the under side and has quite a high R rating). Then the HD foam he used on the wall is very strong, just cut to size to fit in between the shed purlins. Doug has then painted straight over the top of the foam, looks fantastic!! Matt
  22. Why would you go into a partnership for an Aquarium with someone who knows nothing about fish???? "their fish knowledge might seem ok if you don't know anything to start with?" Obviously he thought they had good knownedge to go into a fish bussiness with then so is he saying that he too has no knowlege??? Customers are only handing over small amounts of money, he obviously put in a fair amount, You can work out for yourself who is the goose!!!
  23. Yeah I'd mix the peat with the soil, and the Flourite with your gravel, that way only 2 layers, should be bit easier. Matt
  24. I tried using White King, to recharge my Purigen, I think it has a detergent in it as it foams up. I stopped using it, went back to Home Brand, cheap, works and no foam!!! Matt
  25. Hi Dave has some great How to's in the guides section of his Aquagreen site. I have been to his farm and it's truely eye openning. He doesn't muck around with little CO2 bottles, he uses 6foot bottles!!! and from memory only gets a week or something silly out of 1. I think u'll find the ideas he has for substrate are both cheap and very effective. Matt
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