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  1. Definitely cool fish guys, but holy hell they are ugly.
  2. That's awesome, where did you get the rout? I want one for my Saratoga tank.
  3. ^^^What, just some random crazy person, or kids being little sh!75?
  4. Mine are 35cm easy, maybe more. I'm re-scaping the tank this weekend so I'll measure properly and report back.
  5. Do our native 'togas get drop eye as well?
  6. That's all that fish does, all day long. Rubs his belly on the log, round and round and round in circles. I feel a bit sorry for him, must be bored. Either that or it feels amazing.
  7. Thanks mate, was just reading about them breeding through the crate, that's handy to know. Tomorrow I am going to strip out all the sand so the tank is bare bottom. Will try to get some pics up also.
  8. So I have a "pair" of Jaguars that I am trying to breed. Problem is the male keeps beating the shite out of the female. Male fish is 25cm, female is 18-20cm. Tank is a 4x2x2, no other occupants. Temp is 28. I have the tank scaped so that she can keep away from him, but he smashes her every chance he gets, to the point where I have to keep them divided by eggcrate. When I let them back together, they are mates for about half an hour, then the carnage starts, and it's more than your usual cichlid push and shove. He has completely stripped her side of scales overnight previously; thought I was going to lose her. When they are seperated, they seem really bored and lonely, just sit on the bottom mostly and don't do much. They both shovel and dig around to expose the glass, but I have never seen eggs. Do I have two boys? #Edit - The also both get that cool purple flush occasionally also; haven't been able to find out if that is common in both sexes or not.
  9. Toga is about 120mm long. Still big enough to eat the loaches, but he doesn't really seem interested in them. They stay on the bottom for the most part and the tank is scaped with plenty of cover and caves.
  10. My jardini is in with - 6 Silver dollars 4 Gold spot plecos 4 Yo yo loaches 3 Clown barbs 2 Mystery snails 1 Bristlenose He occasionally chases the dollars around for fun, but never actually tries to eat them. He also cruises down to scope out the plecos but has never had a go at one.
  11. Are you single by any chance? That is the perfect tank.
  12. Would he have come in on my Saratoga? I haven't introduced any other new fish for about 6 months.
  13. Came home from the beach tonight and turned on the tank light, spotted two of these little snails/shellfish. Never seen them before, current tank setup is 6 months old. Only new additions are two NEW plastic plants and a 8cm Saratoga jardini which didn't even come out of the bag between the wholesaler and myself; not put in a shop tank at all. Do I need to worry about them?
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