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  1. Hi Folks, I've tried in vain for months now to find daphnia, but with no luck. There are a few people on ebay selling daphnia cultures, but something didn't seem right. They said that they would send it Express Post, but it also said the estimated delivery time would be 4-6 days, so I'm worried that they'd all be dead by the time they arrived. Anyway, I also found a place online that sells moina eggs, so I figure that I'm going to have a go at starting a moina culture (my brasiliensis have laid mega amounts of eggs and the fry are surviving in the main tank, but for how long who knows). My question is, although I know that moina are a type of daphnia, is there any advantage/disadvantage of moina over the larger daphnia species (ie magna)? Has anyone had any luck wit culturing moina in the past? If so, please feel free to offer me any tips! Regards, Doug
  2. Already tried him. He doesn't have any unfortunately :-( If smiko's mate wants to sell any, i'd be in for that!
  3. You guys were the only ones that seem to have it. I called up about 7 or 8 places that are relatively close by and not one had any daphnia at all (in a couple places, I don't even think they knew what daphnia actually were)
  4. Ya, I was wondering where he was coming from wrt his comment re:brine shrimp. I catch shrimp in one of the local creeks and keep them in my pond. They keep going quite well. How much was the starter culture you purchased? I was thinking about doing the dry riverbed mud and see what comes up in it. I'd be worried about picking up other stuff as well though. The new neighbour behind me inherited a pool that hadn't been cleaned in a few years and is a nice shade of brown. I might go around and see if I can shine a torch into it some night just to see what is in there.
  5. Hi folks, For a little while now, I've been trying to find a source of daphnia so that I could give my fish a different food source. I've looked in a few creeks and such, but have had no luck in finding any, as normally the creeks and ponds for full of fish already. I made an enquiry to a local scientific supply company, and the guy there has really been helpful. While they don't sell any, he did some research for me to try and find where any suppliers might be and got back to me just now. Here's one of the things he wrote : "Not only are the fish the problem, but worms and brine shrimp, often (unavoidably) present apparently, also go for the Daphnia first – even in the Petri Dish, so I read that many aquaculturists are struggling to produce quality daphnia cultures. Also, of all things, I understand some of the bushfires we’ve had in various states in the last 5-8 years killed a certain proportion of the high quality stocks. One chap in NSW, who appears to have been the main seller about 4-5 years ago wrote to me this morning: “Unfortunately we haven’t got a culture of Daphnia at the moment – we lost our main culture last year, and so far we haven’t managed to get a clean culture established again. Most of the so called ‘daphnia cultures’ we received had different crustaceans in them, and only small amounts of daphnia, but the other crustaceans have taken over in all our breeding tanks, therefore we are still looking for a good reliable source of daphnia." Interesting to note how even the pros are having a hard time at this. I've also read how some people buy frozen (non-irradiated) daphnia and put a few chunks into some water on the assumption that there will be some with eggs that will be reanimated, but there seems to be some mixed results. Trouble is, where to find the frozen stuff in the first place, as none around me (Capalaba and south brisbane) sell it. Would it work the same with freeze-dried daphnia as well? Anyway, just thought I'd put this up in case someone else was interested. Regards, Doug
  6. Hi Trav,

    Are you blue acaras and green severums still available?

    If so, where do you live?


    Doug (0412) 043 443

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  12. ya mate, that was me..I stayed to the end but I don't remember seeing you. I think by 1:30am everyone's brain (especially mine!) was fried. It's too bad, as I would've loved to have a quick chat (you should see the pond now...if you'd like any flowering water hyacinth's come and grab some as I'm chucking them out). The iris I got was only $5, so hopefully it grows. The ones I had in the pond before never really grew that well. I picked up 5 demasoni for only $17 and some EYs (for a friend) were 4 for $11...in all, pretty good night if one liked plants and bristlenoses ! Bring on the next one !
  13. I go down to my local creek and catch hundreds of tiny feeder shrimp. They are so easy to catch and the fish in my pond love them. plus, they make good scavengers for the ones that survive !
  14. It's great that the auctioneers inspect them beforehand and I've seen some not let up for auction based on their assessment, which is great to see as it assures me that honesty is more important than any profit. The video screen is a good idea, but most of the time the auction of a certain fish is over long before they get a photo on the screen. Wouldn't it be a good idea to get a list of the next three items up for auction so they could have the photos ready ? Looking forward to tomorrow night ! See everyone there ! Doug
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