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  1. Hi, A friends fish have been slowly deteriorating and have no heater. I've suggested putting a heater in and bringing the temp up slowly, but what else would you suggest to try and save these poor buggers? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Yes, I started multicure because they were itching and when they started getting black spots I thought it must be velvet so we used protozin. I will keep an eye on the ones that seem to have the fungal thing and possibly try myxazin. I have Melafix, would you reccommend using this? I have not used aquarium salt before because the fish used to love our water, so I saw no need. Is this something I should look into? We have put two very small salousi in the new tank to see how they go and they seem fine. I guess we will start moving some of the healthier ones over to reduce the overcrowding in the smaller tank and treat the fungal infection in the smaller tank as well. Thank you for your help - I have never had to deal with unhealthy fish before and everything else I had read was just confusing!
  3. I don't believe it is white spot because there are no marks that look like what I have seen on the internet of white spot. The black spots in this picture are similar to what are on my smaller fish: Do you think this is velvet or stress? I honestly think it is all just stress related - not a parasite, but I am worried that if I stop protozine half way though and move them to the bigger tank it will cause more harm. Everything I have read says that the fish don't eat - well mine are going ballistic over food and even breeding! This is what is confusing me, I don't know if chemicals are the answer.... but can you stop protozine half way though? I am worried that it will harm the fish Thanks for your reply
  4. My African cichlids are stressing and itching really bad, and seem to have a number of different symptoms: A couple of fish have reddish-white raised bumps, a few have black spots all over their bodies and heads, and a couple seem to have white cottony stuff hanging off a couple of their scales in various places on their bodies. It seems that the bigger fish have what I believe is battle wounds or a fungal disease and the smaller fish have the black spots. They have been like this for about two weeks now and seem to be getting more and more stressed every day. I have raised the temperature, increased aeration and treated them twice with multicure with no result. We then tried Melafix which didn't seem to do a thing and now they are on the second day of protozine. Water parameters seem to be fine - Ammonia, Nitrite are 0, Nitrate is around 10, and PH is 7.4. There is no carbon in the filter. I recently purchased a bigger tank which came with fish, but I wanted to set it up properly so we have put them all in the smaller tank. I have read that the black spots could be stress, could this be true? Seeing as the fish are on the second dose of protozine I am worried that by taking the fish out of the small tank and putting them in the bigger tank they will build up an immunity to protozine. But I am worried that if I don't put them in the bigger tank soon they will stress to death... What do I do?!?!?! Any help is much much muchly appreciated!
  5. Thanks Terry, we have just added melafix and raised the temp to 27 degrees. We'll see how that goes, the tank always has plenty of air. We just added more of the same fish. Next time we will have to keep them in a separate tank before adding them to the display tank :whyme: ... gotta learn the hard way I guess! Thanks everyone for the advice. Hopefully the fish are on their way to recovery
  6. Thanks Graeme, so I have melafix which is an antibackterial remedy. Should I use this in case there are any bacterial infections? It says it heals open wounds so I'm guessing it will heal any scratches they have from scratching as well. Should I also start using protozin? Can this be used at the same time as melafix? I am worried about using so many chemicals... Before we got the new fish we had never had to put anything other than prime in the water!! But we don't want the fish to get any worse, so all advice is very appreciated!
  7. Also, forgot to add that one of the peacocks have what looks like a tiny bit white fluff on one of its scales on its body. Not sure if its anything yet as it has only just developed.
  8. Ok so we have done a few water changes over the last week so the water is now almost clear again. Tested the water and Ammonia, Nitrite are 0, Nitrate is around 10, and PH is 7.4. One fish (a venustus) has developed reddish white bumps that almost look like pimples all over its body. Some other fish seem to be also developing them, but they only have one or two spots. Below are pics of the worst fish, though the camera doesn't really show how bad it is. We have also noticed that a few of the smaller fish seem to have black around their mouths. I have read somewhere that this can be caused by chlorine, can anyone confirm this? Below is one of our peacocks with the black spots. I'm very confused as the fish are still itching fairly bad after two treatments of multicure. I can't seem to find any other pictures of anything like this on the net. Any info will be very helpful! Thanks
  9. As we have put multicure in we are unable to get a reading at the moment, but usually ammonia, nitrate and nitrite are low. They are still itching since we put multicure in but nowhere near as much. Thanks everyone for your advice. All help is appreciated!
  10. Ok, that makes me a little worried Below is the best photo I could get of one of them that is showing a gold dust colour the worst. If its velvet can I do a 50% water change or something and put protozin in or should I wait 4 days before I do that? (I did a second full dose of multicure yesterday). Also, another one that I thought had it yesterday (an OB peacock) now has black dots all over it, I'm not sure if they were there before or not, however I don't remember seeing them. P1040328.jpg[/attachment:vbthj7dq] Thanks
  11. Hi all, We bought a tank not long ago and it came with a couple of fish. We added them in with our other fish and they all started to scratch like there was no tomorrow a couple of days after adding the new ones. So like I said in my other post we put multicure in the water to rid anything they may have caught off the new fish. I'm not exactly sure what I am looking for to see if they have something like velvet or white spot (well I assume white spots ). Some of them seem to have like a gold, rusty metallic shine to their head/gills in certain light conditions, is this velvet or just a normal thing for African cichlids (peacocks and such)? They seem to be going crazy over food and even spawning in a completely empty tank with a full dose multicure in it ..... is this an indicator that they are fine or should I still be worried anyway? Any help is appreciated, I'm so confused Thanks
  12. Thanks for your advice, we might try putting her in a tank with half dose as it says on the bottle. Will let you know how it goes
  13. Thanks for your help. We did a full dose a few hours before they spawned and are planning on doing another full dose tomorrow. What do you think we should do? Thanks again
  14. We were worried about a couple of our fish as they were itching so we treated the tank with Multicure. We have just had some zebras spawn in the tank. Should we milk the mother and remove the eggs from the treated tank or will it not harm the fry? Any advice is appreciated.
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