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  1. Just purchased a 6ft tank that had a heap of plants in it, I’m not a plant person so selling them off. Make an offer on the whole bucket lot cheers. Located hattonvale.
  2. HI everyone, its been a while since i was on here , im getting back into cichlids after a 12 year break, chasing burundi fronnies and yellows . howdy to all the old names from the original qld aquarium forum from back in the early 2000's
  3. chasing juvie burundi frontosa and also electric yellows, message me what you have , cheers shane
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  5. a trailer will be fine, remember there only bouncy when they are empty! there will be plenty weight in there to not bounce, put the foam down ,wrap a blanket around the tank and tie it to one side of the trailer. have done this plenty times have not had a prob. just get a couple of strong mates! work out where ya want it at your place, work out whats the best way and easist way to get it there then move it in one go!
  6. take my hat off to you kev!well done mate! looks choice! the rocks at the back are they just stacked against the glass at the back? and is that sand as substrate?
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