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  1. ^ lol, not sure if your serious about that? but ok lad lol
  2. No Eartheaters? Ain't a good stocklist at all
  3. Age of Aquariums - New Era Fish Food mmm gonna give it a go soon as i run outta nls
  4. updates brenda! updates!
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  6. Well lets cross our fingers that they are still here, I'm sure it was geomick who claimed he had some in the past; But who knows might of just been a green Sev Lol, Your best off contacting him Personally FJ on aceforums.
  7. A member under the username "geomick"on aceforums, claimed he had kept a Few Rotkeil's a few years back.. I'll try ask if he had any Pictures at all, Also an ex-importer i know which wishes to remain anonymous atm, told me they were definitely In the country but may have all possibly died out. So that doesn't Help.. Lol
  8. rent? you can rent fish now? thats new..
  9. lol thanks, send some meleluca down adam and ill possibly post pics of the tank
  10. some dodgy pics of my tapajos, my colony came from keiths old pair no tank lighting on
  11. Awesome tank Gary, Just a tad small haha Loving the collection, i'm satisfied now lol
  12. adam wants a dwarf biotope, so dont think heckelii would be a good option lol
  13. woaahh, Awesome setup matt! still throwing in wild discus? ahaha, beasty set up mate, congrats..
  14. Might wanna lower the water level so you useless Med's, just a tip..
  15. Finn, mate used melafix and pimafix to get rid of it on his Eartheaters before, comes and goes.. Suffered the same problem too before, i Double dosed Protozin, Normal dosage but also dosed at night too, did a slight 20% water change each day.. That kinda got rid of it for me, than everyonce in awhile it comes back up again, but i just bomb the tank with protozin again lol
  16. Lovely shots, and Top fish as per usual
  17. Loving the pics, please tell me you got pics of the geos too? Lol thanks for the link to the thread haha Completly missed it!
  18. Ok, George from SLS told me they did have alot of rare eartheaters between 2006-2010, I checked a few threads on fishforum.com.au and He definitely did had them in stock in 2007-2009.. If their was any last year would mostly been the original few in 2009..
  19. I doubt they would have had them in last year braddo, possibly 3-4years before? They had a vast range of Rare Eartheaters in back when kevkoi and a few other blokes were still getting them in... Perhaps you meant majestic aquariums braddo? I remember them having some gymno's for $300 each or was it $1k i cant remember how much lol...
  20. sam, pete's pup he had for sale were LeomotoroxMotoro, the dad was a LeoxMotoro and female pure bred Motoro..
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