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  1. Evening Everyone, A few months back I purchased 5x larger Black Calvus from Smiths, Mark estimated them to be around 2.5yrs old (therefore close to breeding). Now Im looking to breed them and have a few questions. Is it neccessary to keep a few shellies like multis etc as a dither? Whats everyone find to be the best tank layout for them? Im having trouble sexing them, I know the biggest fella with a notch on his nose is male due to his personality but the other 4 arent as easy, I think theres possibly 3 males out of the 5 but it could be 2. The whole slightly humped brow thing doesnt really give much of a clear indication......
  2. YES, I would be very interested in them! They are stunners. Did you work out how much you would want for them? I know they are not common in Australia but I could ask what the going price is from some people overseas and then work out something from there.

    My (most likely peppered cory's) have just gone on another breeding spree so I'll have some more hifin babies again soon.

    Also I have two little cory's that I have NEVER been able to find any more of, the closest I can come to identifing them is as Many Spot Cory's but the less common type, I would love to get more of these guys to try and get them breeding. Don't suppose you know anyone who might have this type? I can post a few pics in the catfish section if it would help.

    Thanks for the reply


  3. They are for sale Baccus, not sure that Im headed up your way anytime soon though..... anyhow send me a PM if your still interested.
  4. Thanks Barry, will give you a bell closer to the weekend mate. Thanks Matmatmat for the appology. No hard feelings, we all have keyboard warrior nights!
  5. Well the guy has seen them but has asked what they are worth. I personally have no idea. I was asking ballpark price not a scruiteneers meeting Matmatmat. We dont get them up here, was hoping someone had seen em for sale down there. Cheers for your informative input buddy Real Help!
  6. They're like these guys venezuela black cory
  7. Cheers Henk, its the Blacks I got someone hassling me for a price to buy them off me lol!
  8. Was hoping someone could help me out here. Whats the going rate for the following Adult Corys: Black Venezuelans Peru Gold Stripe Have 6 Blacks and 10 Gold Stripes I am thinking of selling but dont know what theyre worth.
  9. Havent tried mate. Found a very red female green sev couple weeks ago at Jodi-Leas bout a month ago but
  10. I will add this went on for around 3mths and killed literally thousands of fry and I still have no idea what it was.
  11. I was recently faced with a similar problem, not one of my 7-8 bunches of breeders could keep a batch of fry going for more than a week. Tried everything, Shutting down the 1100L System they were on and dried it out while I moved them across to biologically cycled tanks. After wasting around $200 in meds etc and waterchanges in a frequenting fashion I still had no resolution. I got the shits, picked em all up and tossed them in the dirtiest/muckiest tank I had - a 4fter on 2 sponge filters...........Presto, I do maybe 2-3 week waterchanges of around 40-50% and they have never been healthier or happier, LF Albino fry are looking awesome after a month!!!
  12. Aim for a bigger one this time Until then Im going with that it's Blue Whale Sperm myself :razz:
  13. Fonchiiichthys uracanthus • Loricariidae • Cat-eLog • PlanetCatfish • PlanetCatfish.com Anybody kept these guys? Or knows much about them??
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