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    Been keeping aquariums since i was 15 and my dad was also into the hobby. Always lots to learn.
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    aquarium keeping,aquascaping, fitness,sport, computer,music,movies, etc

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  1. my inbox is not working im keen on some orange and black or just orange swordtails im looking for 1-3 males and 5-15 females let me know what you've got please :)

  2. Hey guys and girls, Lately i've noticed Petbarn's prices and stock varieties of tropical fish have been quite good compared to fancy aquarium shops around Brisbane. What are peoples thoughts on shopping and buying fish at a petbarn rather then their LFS? They have a policy if the fish dies and your waters ok they will replace or give u a discount on your replace fish within a few weeks apparently. I know you'd never go there for the advice but the fish stock seem 90% healthy not to many dead or sickies in there and pretty clean tanks. Curious who shops there for fish or aquarium products bc of price or shorter travel times and their thoughts on how it compares to their LFS cheers,
  3. If you go a canister go a Fluval 106 If you go internal go an otto power head or if not looking for much flow because you keep angels get a couple corner filter boxes n decent pump n hide them in there. Many options anyway.
  4. Received my first order purchase from the Tecden today. Fast shipping Well packaged Mentos lollies, my daughter loved them Keep expanding on your product range and i'll prob quit shopping anywhere else I'll come check the shop out soon. Thanks again,
  5. a 2215 would be good for a 3 foot tank. probably even over kill for a standard but if u want more flow or is heavily stocked then will be fine. 350lph for the video flow looks about right. 350lph ant much flow mate.
  6. HAS TO GO 'COS MUM WANTS IT GONE! Doesn't that say it all?
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  8. how much are the discus at darra atm
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. did u no , fish keeping is actually indeed optional ?
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  12. or F, they work 7days like me and when they get home all they want to do is have a few and hit the sack then goto bed haha. and dont have the time to login every day/night just to sell some cheap fishies.
  13. hey

    i might be interested but have will have to ask my dad.

    also what is an approx height of the setup. (not sure if it will fit in the shed.)



  14. i wouldnt pay more then 250-300 but thats just me
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