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  1. Am keen in more information if you can find out please. I had angelicus about 9 yrs ago
  2. QFAS super auction won't be on in November due to the QFAS conference. Qld Cichlid group are doing an online auction but I haven't found any info on it yet. I'm presuming the next Auction will be February in Caboolture.
  3. hi all am in caboolture morayfield area and was over at bribie island the other day and noticed the hard ware shop that sold the plastic right angle edging used on corners of tanks, unsure of correct name of the stuff but the shops not there anymore dose anybody know of other places to get it from ?
  4. i have a fish that looks very similer to that mine came frome the gold coast and was sold as a golden budah x royal degree flower horn
  5. my partner and i went as far as tweed 2 weeks ago and didnt see any thing eye catching nor overly rare all we found was a black lancer
  6. nice desplay pic iv just bout a peacock bass

  7. that to me looks like a young red devil to iv had a few that go through that colour patern then slowly fade
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