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  1. is there a price @Julio_13? cheers
  2. Craigo

    Time has come, shutting down. :(

    @FishHeadSoup1 how much for the 6x2x1.5 mate?
  3. Aren’t we all bro...
  4. Hi @DanielJ send a PM TO @DFishkeeper Doug is who I obtained my original colony from, excellent quality fish
  5. Craigo

    Cichlid identification

    That is definitely Protomelas Spilonatus ‘Tanzania’ he needs some love. awesome fish, very rewarding to own but be careful with only one girl, they can get pretty damn rough with others.
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  8. Craigo

    marine on cf

    Yes, I did thin this quite a few years ago just to see if it was possible. I had no issues whatsoever. Like anything be patient with the cycle. I used live rock with aqua one wave makers & a HOB aqua one protein skimmer. No issues, I just got bored with SW Give it a crack
  9. Without resorting to a chiller setup try freezing some coke bottles of water and set them in the tank at the start of the day
  10. Craigo

    Apistogramma Picture Thread

    Very nice fish everyone ! for a dwarf cichlids noob, what tank size works best for pairs? keep the pics coming (even though it’s a super old thread)
  11. Craigo

    QCG Auction 13/10/18

    what type of turn out has there been for these events in the last few years? Im considering going for a peep tonight but 6pm start is too early of me, it no worries if they run late like they used to. Anybody have a guess what time they have been wrapping up lately & if the variation of fish is worth it these days ( not that I'm going to buy, but if its all bristlenose it may be a touch disappointing) Thanks everyone
  12. Craigo

    Where did we all go?

    Hello @butch50 matey! You crossed my mind the other day when I was considering what to keep into the future, are you still keeping Aulonocara Lwanda? The ones you had years ago were extremely nice
  13. Craigo

    Where did we all go?

    Cheers guys. @jc12 I was considering soft water to accomodate some fish in the 1 tank I do have currently running. BUT they will eventually be really large fish & I don't want to limit myself. I have thought about this a lot, I was wondering going Appisto's & L's just so I can keep tank sizes small & maximise on my space. BUT at the same time there are all these amazing Malwai Haps that I miss keeping & worry they will be lost going to into the future (I do realise Im not going to keep a species alive on my own, but its nice to dream) So to be honest, Im not sure which way the room will go. I will be honest in that I haven't ever kept a lot of soft water fish, apart from P.Bass but they are very robust & hardy. so its more of a concern that I am inexperienced with that side of things to be honest.........
  14. Im hearing you mate! I just had one asshole fish destroy $600 worth of fish in one night!!
  15. Hello, In all my fish rooms I've had I have never insulated. Ever. I just dealt with the weather as it happened. Probably very energy inefficiently as well I would guess. So I'm Going to be using half of my small garden shed this time as a 'room' as its just a simple Gal 'Stratco' type kit shed with this sheet walls I am considering insulating it. Cost is a major factor in this small build. SO, I am looking for any suggestions for cheap enough insulation to go onto the inside of the shed walls to help me out. Any recommendations appreciated, I am looking at 'FoilBoard' brand panels from Bunnings but they are $40 a panel and I will need a few of them even for a small shed. Thickness is also a consideration as I don't want to detract from my already limited space. Thanks Guys & Gals!