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  1. @fathonda where are you mate? Keen as!
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  4. @fathonda are these still available mate? Thanks
  5. Craigo

    marine on cf

    Yes, I did thin this quite a few years ago just to see if it was possible. I had no issues whatsoever. Like anything be patient with the cycle. I used live rock with aqua one wave makers & a HOB aqua one protein skimmer. No issues, I just got bored with SW Give it a crack
  6. Without resorting to a chiller setup try freezing some coke bottles of water and set them in the tank at the start of the day
  7. Craigo

    1000ltr IBC with pump and plumbing

    @BlueNeon very interested mate. Is the top still on her?
  8. Hi mate, have you tried @butch50 at all?
  9. Craigo

    Apistogramma Picture Thread

    Very nice fish everyone ! for a dwarf cichlids noob, what tank size works best for pairs? keep the pics coming (even though it’s a super old thread)
  10. $40 need gone tomorrow, he is upsetting my orange head pairs.....
  11. 20cm true parrots amazing fish, great colours. pick up Birkdale 4159 I do not have the space to house these monsters into the future. FREE TO QLDAF MEMBER ONLY. NOT FIRST IN BEST DRESSED PLEASE PM WITH WHAT TANK SETUP YOU HAVE & TANKMATES NO DICKHEADS Please PM me
  12. Craigo

    QCG Auction 13/10/18

    what type of turn out has there been for these events in the last few years? Im considering going for a peep tonight but 6pm start is too early of me, it no worries if they run late like they used to. Anybody have a guess what time they have been wrapping up lately & if the variation of fish is worth it these days ( not that I'm going to buy, but if its all bristlenose it may be a touch disappointing) Thanks everyone
  13. Craigo

    Where did we all go?

    Hello @butch50 matey! You crossed my mind the other day when I was considering what to keep into the future, are you still keeping Aulonocara Lwanda? The ones you had years ago were extremely nice