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  1. L004 juvies @ 3.5cms $75ea or 5 for $300 Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt
  2. Large prs are $250 pr, have bred Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt
  3. Around 3.5cms L066 & L333 are $30ea or 4 for $100 L397 are $25ea or 5 for $100 Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt
  4. Hi Jason, I have a spare male here if you need one. $200     Ph 0408 837179

    Cheers, Shaun

  5. Welcome back! Long time no see, Mariano on here has experience with ponds - Cheers, Shaun
  6. It's a personal choice to go various compatible L's or a school of the one type. Make sure they enjoy the same diet as Discus ie high protein. They should go well as they love similar water conditions, temp etc. And you'll need caves for the breeding
  7. Haven't they grown? Nice little video Ray - and Congratulations!
  8. Hi Jason, Thanks for the kind words. All good mate, we'll catch up in the future, no doubt! Cheers, Shaun
  9. Thanks for the L066's.  I had a small fishin with them, looked like an endler, what a pretty fish even at a small size.  Do you keep endlers and can they be kept in with pleco's?  Nice to see the discus breeding again.



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    2. grigby


      I'll take 20 thanks.  This Sunday is Christmas, so when is a good time/day: while avoiding the peak traffic times?

    3. ssdiscus


      What about 1pm tomorrow Wednesday?

    4. grigby


      What about Thursday at 1pm?  Have to drop a friend off at airport tomorrow.

  10. Thanks Ray, glad that you like them, mate!
  11. Hi

    I'm after a L134 adult male. Do you have one you could sell? thanks

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