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  1. ssdiscus

    FS L004's x 4 med size

    Sold and picked up
  2. Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt. They're 5.5 to 6.5cms and around 15 mths old - unsexed $125ea
  3. Young heallthy juvies x 4 @ 4cms are $110ea. Pick up at Upper Mt Gravatt
  4. 2 @ 9-10cms males are $220ea no females available pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt
  5. Blue Snakeskins x 2 @ 8-9cm are $70ea Red Turquoise x 2 @ 11cms are $100ea Selling as unsexed Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt Ph 3349 0611
  6. Young healthy L numbers @ 3.5 - 4cms $30ea for L333 pics 3&4 and L066 pics 1&2 - or 4 for $100 L397's pics 5&6 @ $25ea or 5 for $100 Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt Ph 3349 0611
  7. Healthy young Angels - Silvers, Blacks, Marbles, Smokeys etc $8ea Around 3.5 to 5 cms Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt
  8. Sorry Baz, but very nice B'nose mate
  9. Nice finnage on your fish, Darren
  10. ssdiscus

    Small Garden Pond

    Welcome back! Long time no see, Mariano on here has experience with ponds - Cheers, Shaun
  11. ssdiscus

    950L In-Wall Discus Tank

    It's a personal choice to go various compatible L's or a school of the one type. Make sure they enjoy the same diet as Discus ie high protein. They should go well as they love similar water conditions, temp etc. And you'll need caves for the breeding
  12. ssdiscus

    L397 n stuff

    Haven't they grown? Nice little video Ray - and Congratulations!