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  1. Hey mate, Great to see the project is still going well. Did you remember picking up many PGG's with split feelers? If not then this could be 'Gordon' that you grabbed from me a while back. If so he's looking in good shape and is obviously still eating like a pig .
  2. Watched this interesting documentary which has relevance to potential risks of basa and certain food pellets used on farmed fish. I know that when you buy basa by the box locally, it will usually have a disclaimer warning that the food is 'for human consumption only'. This indicates to me that there is real a concern for what it could do to aquatic fish. I've always wondered exactly why, and this doco kind of sheds some light. I thought I would share it for those concerned about what we feed ourselves and our fish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYYf8cLUV5E&t=2417s
  3. Stunning female freshwater motoro stingray. Shes about 16cm on the disc and eats anything in the tank. She has some great spots but the pics don't do her justice due to the black sand. $400
  4. I use it in my tank and while I don't have the bristle nose or L's I do have rays and they have no problems with it. I also used to have a large sailfin pleco (sold it due to it latching onto the rays). Can't speak for plants as I don't keep any.
  5. Hi guys & gals Am looking at moving on this beautiful display fish. If you are looking for an extra bit of wow factor this is the fish you need. Has no issues with tank mates but wont back down if challenged as well. Measures over 65cm (prob closer to 70) so you will need a decent sized tank. Compared to other CKs you will notice that the markings on this one are outstanding. Chasing $1200
  6. It could be due to the size of the pic? Most phone cameras are saving files too big to be uploaded to most sites. I find shrinking the pic makes them go through every time. Try turning down the megapixels on the cam when taking a pic GLWS!
  7. Glass Cleaning

    I use the Flipper max as well. Got so sick of other magnet devices having to scrub back and forth which inevitably resulted in the frustration of the inside magnet coming away. Yes it costs a bit more than the cheapy ones but the time and frustration saved is worth it.
  8. Just thought I would share a few pics I took from Reef Tropical Fish aquarium in Annaheim California. Gotta love those prices!
  9. A mate sent me this link in from yesterdays news. https://m.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/amazon-predator-threaten-barra-in-cq-river/3312293/
  10. Current Hybrid Status

    So what you're saying is that initially people were caught up with trying to enlarge and have more colour in their koks ..... then there were lots of koks around, to the point that people were flogging their koks everywhere?
  11. Cool trick, shame it requires effort though
  12. Over filling Tank

    Didn't even know these existed so thanks for that. I'm gonna try the modified smoke detector first just in case I mistake a beeping for one of the kids playing games or something. Ideally some kind of remote electric shock would be best but I'll start off with the house is on fire type of sound . Unfortunately turning down the tap is not an option on a large tank as the time it takes to fill is what is getting me in trouble in the first place.
  13. My pond build

    Love what you're doing mate keep the updates coming!
  14. Over filling Tank

    Yup this sounds like what I need thanks @aquaholic99 Have just ordered one on ebay for $5.99. Smoke alarm mod for water detection