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  1. Yeah thought they died. They were wild caught I think so tricky water conditions and getting them to eat.
  2. Plenty in Singapore apparently. I would expect to pay around $350ea if you could track them down from one of the 'breeders' mentioned earlier in the piece.
  3. Saw these about 18 months ago at Aquotix in Perth. Around six of them sold to the one guy from memory. Don't think he had much luck with them and they quite possibly died. Don't hold out much hope on these guys becoming readily available anytime soon. Extinct in the wild since 1990's. There's some guys breeding them in the states.
  4. In a FX5 if they self cleaned you could just attach a hose to the purge tap and away you go. If they don't self clean well you're back to cleaning them regardless. Keep us updated German. I've got K1 in a sump but wanted to see what all the hype is about Biospheres
  5. Does the K1 get the movement needed in a canister? I've gone with Marine Biospheres. See how they go.
  6. I'm loving these little guys. Got a group of 6 growing up with a white convict and some spotted dollars in a 5x3x2. Tank is big so no aggression issues. Once they pair up I'll move the pair into a 48"x18"x18"
  7. I believe someone quite popular as of late may have some
  8. Cull cull cull! The amount of rubbish you see in breeders tanks and LFS is astounding. Twisted jaws, beaks, short/deformed dorsal fin, bent tails, poor species specific features/colours, hybrids the list goes on. Either kill the weak stock or feed it to a tankbuster. There should be no excuse for not culling American cichlids when they produce hundreds, if not thousands of fry per spawn, one to two times a month. Raise a batch and let the parents look after the next 4-5 spawns. If the parents eat them well they eat them. What are you, and the market, going to do with 3,000 fry if you can't bring yourself to cull? As Winston said the market gets flooded and everyone loses interest in them because they are everywhere you look. That species then gets put on the backburner for a number of years as the cycle goes through, L number, Tangs, Malawis, Dwarves, Shrimp, Geos etc oh hey we're back to Americans whatever happened to Neetroplus nematopus I haven't seen them in years. You chase up all your leads in the hope that someone somewhere in the country has a pair so you can get some fry going. Sometimes this leads to a species vanishing for good. Quotes from forums over the years...Balzini I used to feed to my cat...Green Chromides I couldn't give away as feeders...Sajica I used to breed like clockwork but sold them on and haven't seen them since. My point is, if you release a small amount of quality fry at semi regular intervals then we have a better chance of species surviving. Flood the market and the attention span of humans wanes. Lack of education is a tough one though. Double edged sword. There is endless supply of information on the internet. Good, bad and indifferent. Trolling through forums and websites trying to find consistent info on a species is almost laughable. Size, diet, tank size, tank conditions, tank mates, decor, breeding habits, sexing...you can find 6 different sites with species profiles and you get 6 different sets of information. That's just from the tech savvy breeders who even venture onto forums. A vast majority of quality old school breeders I've met over the years don't frequent forums anymore because of the BS that comes with them. Can't blame them really. That's a massive loss when it comes to the education of new aquarists delving into the American cichlid scene. On the flip side of that, plenty of breeders won't even let you in their fishrooms or give up any breeding/keeping information as they see it as a threat to their livelihood. Secret squirrel business! Bit hard to become educated when the information is withheld due to financial reasons. As a result someone jags a spawn and manages to raise some fry, doesn't cull because we need as many as possible to keep the species going. Poor quality stock continues. Ellioti is a prime example of people trying to breed out a genetic deformity. They should've been culled the minute they were introduced imo. Saw them for sale in a LFS the other day. Stunning fish. Vibrant colours. Bit of attitude. Kinked tails. Not just one or two, all of them! Expensive feeders at $25ea. Not even gonna start on the Vieja and Paraneetroplus genus... I've got a stunning, in my eyes, female white convict with 80% of her body vibrant orange. Her fins are pointed and flowing almost past her tail. Trying to find a nice bulky male with good size nuchal hump and long flowing fins is proving to be difficult. With selective line breeding I'm pretty confident I could get a completely orange female white convict. She may die of old age if I can't find the qualities in the male I'm after. Personally I would prefer to do that then get a poor quality male and take my chances. To me that just means more work and time. I might get 10% of fry showing potential. That means I have to sift through the 90% of crap to get to something that comes close to what looks promising. Start with a quality male and I might have 50% of fry showing potential. Odds are better already and the quality is solid off the bat. Sorry for the ranting. I think culling, or lack of, needs to be added to the poll. You can either have 500 duds, which you are forced to sell at $1-$2ea, or 50 studs that you can sell for $5-$10ea. Look at the hype over German bred stock. Says it all really
  9. Just checked AI list and they now have a Japanese Goldfish in their coldwater section. They currently have the following... Bubble Eye Silver 7cm x 10 Ryukin Sakura 7cm x 12 Bristol Shubunkin 5cm x 22 Tamanishiki 7cm x 5 Tamasaba 7cm x 20 Tetugyo 7cm x 28 Prices vary from $28-$53ea wholesale
  10. Laundry sink hot tap with a hose connected to it?
  11. Couldn't you have added buckets of hot water to get the temp up slowly and then the heater doesn't have to work so hard? I realise it's 12000L of water but a 20L bucket of hot water added to a 6x2x2 will raise the temp .5-1 deg. I'm thinking the cost of hot water/water would outweigh the cost of electricity for 2400w? Great dedication to these gentle giants as well. I've got a male PGG about 18" long. Hand feeds and chasing the kids around when they walk past his tank
  12. They always come back! Your turn Daz! Need some American breeders with bulk gold saums and jewels ahahaha. Give us a ring when you get a chance. Need a long awaited catch up
  13. Ficus is fig Donny. I wouldn't be using any plant that has white sap when the leaf/branch is broken. Ficus elastica, Ficus benjamina etc are common in QLD and are known for skin irritants in humans, cats and dogs. It may or may not have any effect on fish but probably not worth the risk.
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