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  1. I shut this down over a year ago. I don't miss it enough to keep the rocks and sand in case I changed my mind again. So I have all the rocks, and sand listed in the sale section if anyone is interested.
  2. Well two more deaths and looks like another on the way. Not sure what it is but clearly I'm not meant to have freshwater fish. Could be my food, could be the tank water...??? who knows, don't have time or money to invest any further. So will be getting rid of the lot. If anyone is interested in any please let me know. I'm even considering a give away as can not guarantee health.
  3. Cheers. I'm still undecided on OBs I think I would like one or two but they need to be a strong red variant. Cheers Dan, I think the same looking back at the images. Hopefully the deaths are a thing of the past. I have a decent QT setup now as I have emptied the guppy tank I'll admit I'm not the greatest fan of them but I like the idea of having a diverse range of fish. Given the apparent rarity, I decided to grab a few. But I do plan to only keep two. My larger one will prob get the flick as it's not a very attractive fish at all lol. Plan is to get some more red color into the tank so any suggestions are welcomed. Cheers Grimace
  4. Update - I had a few dramas early on and while the Hongi I had concerned for still seemed to be eating ok, I went away one weekend only to return to find him dead. But that was ok as it was expected, what was not expected, and much worse news was the fact that I had paid soo much attention to the sick hongi that i didnt notice my DimiComp was not eating at all and had developed bloat and I only realised this when I found him dead one morning . I then got very concerned and when I discovered the better of the two Dragon Bloods also stopped eating I tried numerous things but eventual he also died in isolation. It was about now that I was almost ready to give up... But I didn't and now I have some very happy, and surprisingly peaceful fish. So the fish count was down to 25. But just today I collected a total of 9 fish from Craigo and the fish count in the tank is as follows; 1 x Otopharynx lithobates 1 x Copadichromis borleyi 4 x Protomelas spilonotus "Tanzania" 1 x Protomelas steveni "Taiwan Reef" 3 x Lethrinops albus "Kande Island" 1 x Copadichromis azureus 1 x Tramitichromis intermedius "Tanzania" 3 x Electric Yellows 1 x Venustus 1 x Hongi 2 x Kingsizei (Pulpicans) 1 x Red Zebra 1 x Labidochromis chisumulae 1 x Dragon Blood 2 x Cobalt Blue 1 x Lombardoi 1 x Crabro 1 x Black bar red top 2 x Eureka Reds 1 x Pseudotropheus flavus 1 x Elongatus Mpanga 3 x Aulonocara koningsi Total 34 fish (assuming I can add) All the above fish range in size from 7cm to 14cm I wont be keeping all the Protomelas spilonotus "Tanzania", plan is to keep only two, and I will also be removing one of the Lethrinops albus. I also plan on collecting a couple more fish from Jonas and Doug over the next few months. Just thought I would update the list as I am beginning to forget what fish is what!
  5. By the way thanks for all the advice so far. I have done two feeds today and will do a third, and continue this over the next couple of days to see if I notice any changes. I just hope I don't wake to find him or any fish dead.
  6. I am hoping to add some more rock overt the next coups of weeks. Also looking to increase the fish count to 40.
  7. I got some video of the fish. I couldn't get to close cause then they all go nuts for food. Even in this video they are not acting completely normal. But the Hongi is the fish that is hanging around at the top in the Centre and then off to the left. Grimaces Malawi cichlids 1:
  8. Another general observation regarding the Hongi. It occupies the top third of the water column. Is always the highest fish in the tank. The last 5 minutes i have not seem him venture below the top say 10cm. This could be due to him thinking food is coming cause he still loves his food. At night i have observed him venturing down into the rocks but during the day he is always out and up the top. Capturing him also proved very difficult the first time i tried Without a doubt the worst task ever! Might have to strip the tank of all the little rocks and try again.
  9. Ah also feeding. I have to make sure I am just not under feeding. Or feeding incorrectly. I have taken an image of the absolute most these fish would get at feed time. The below is four pinches of a mixed diet containing NLS Thera a, hikari cichlid gold, Aquamunch cichlid attack and colour max. The fish count is 28 in total. Ranging in size from 6cm to 120cm. I usually feed only half this amount. And the fish consume it in less then 20 seconds. When i feed the total for pinches i do it as two pinches. Wait 20 second then another two. Sorry for all the chatter. Just trying to give as much detail as possible.
  10. Also incase it helps the water is heavily oxygenation when entering and flowing through the sump. I noticed some talk via Google about certain illnesses that can relate to low oxygenated aquariums. Don't want to rule anything out but just thought that info could help.
  11. While i have never actually notice poop hanging from my fish. Never even seen one poo yet. I have tried to get some images of the poop. Along with a brief description. Most poo i spot is like this and id would consider normal? But I did spot two lighter. Longer more stringy type poop. Sorry for the poor quality. Again all fish seem great. Just the one sub Hongi that is a touch slower and no colour. I also don't know if its just me being pedantic or not but he could have slightly red gills too?
  12. I just spent some time viewing the main tank. I have noticed many of the fish showing simular flat or sunken belly. Not near as bad as the suspect Hongi but still noticable. Is it advisable to treat the whole tank? Will this medication combo have any harm on the bio filtration?
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