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  1. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help ID the fish in photos below? It's about 40mm long, and came in with a batch of shop bought pacific blue eyes. Looks a bit like a mullet but I've got no idea. Appreciate any help!
  2. Nice choice, I have the 2009 model. Doesn't make any sense Ford getting rid of the Falcon, they're still so popular. Who is going to buy a Mondeo.
  3. I just insert plant into substrate with long tweezers about 50-100mm away from where I want it and drag through soil gently until trailing roots get pulled under the soil. Either this or use sand flattening tool to cover roots with substrate.
  4. Thanks! Yep Flame Moss and then, hard to make out, but I think Christmas Moss under neath it (blyxa behind). There's Java Moss in the centre, never liked it but it filled a gap. Can't beat Flame Moss for effect.
  5. Next tank i do (if I ever get to do another one) will be moss only or Dutch style... Although I do like James Finleys work on 'Altitude' (probably my favorite scape). I will have to get the test kit out and check. These days I don't worry too much about testing water with hardy plants and fish. Current stock list: - 7 x Blue Eyes - 1 x solo Praecox - 3 x marble loach (marble lizard fish?), cool fish - 10 x L066 - 2-3 x L134 - 2 x L010A, red lizard whips - 3 x Desert Goby - 3-4 x Panchax - 50+ Cherry Shrimp
  6. Is it the forum capitals problem causing Photobucket links to die? This is how this tank ended up before decommissioning:
  7. Have thrown some different mosses in, bit of a before shot, will update in a few months when it has grown in.
  8. This capital's problem isn't helping photobucket URLs, any suggestions?
  9. Has started to clear up a bit. Will be adding glass pipework on Saturday and tidying up in the cupboard. Would like to add some crypts around the rocks as well as flame moss, christmas moss and peacock moss.
  10. CAL Aqua Labs Black Earth is so clean to use, no dust, no floaters like ADA. Yet to see how well it supports plant growth though.
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