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  1. Ive never had isdues with them. Kept them with discus, bn, dwarf cichlids.
  2. Sorry for late update. Did everything in the last comment, and got a heap of stems too . Doesn't look that good at the moment, but if it stops the algae for the other tanks I'm happy. Here is a picture: How I guess its time to play the waiting game?
  3. crystal reds are very easy to keep. Plenty of people keep them in QLD with no chiller.
  4. Ok well tomorrows agenda will include pulling out all current stems (and cleaning them), trimming stems in other tanks, a visit to bunnings (sulphate of potash) and a hunt for some foxtail-think I know someone with plenty. Replant all stems. Oh and I'll try and remember pics once all that is done. I've got a few medium swords too. If there is extra space in the substrate I'll chuck those in. I assume dosing trace and the sulphate of potash at the same time will be fine.
  5. I have more in my good tanks-it grows fairly fast so not a big issue. I didn't get around to pulling all the stems out today. I'll do it tomorrow. I don't have any very fast growing stems, should I get some? Foxtail, ambulia? And I should block light out for 4 days?
  6. Awesome thank you. I'll get some from bunnings in the next few days. Cleaning the tank is going pretty well-I blasted the driftwood and bolbitus with hose and most of the algae (and mini pellia) is gone. Trying to clean the stems is a little more tricky. Is it ok to pull them out, clean them, then put them back in again? I'm not sure if disturbing the substrate is a good idea in this situation.
  7. Ok thanks for the help. I'll be doing everything I can to solve this problem in the next 2 weeks. Today I will remove everything except planted stems so I can remove as much algae as possible. Whats the best way to supplement potassium (safe for shrimp)? I will do as many water changes as possible. Oh and I'll harvest 1/2 the frogbit each time it regrows. Also should I cover the tank today so it doesn't get any light? (4 days?) Are there any other products I should buy?
  8. Yeah the surface is covered in frogbit, didn't want to mention it as I thought it was noxious lol.
  9. I dont want to kill all my shrimp. I can do multiple small water changes with rain water if it would be beneficial.
  10. Yes there is a small bit of bolbitus. I had most of the same plants in all the tanks, just the ones in the led tank are overgrown with algae. And lots of mini pellia/moss in all tanks too. Lots died, still some living in there. Is there any chemical/solution that I can dip driftwood/moss in to kill algae but not moss? Maybe I should just clean thoroughly with hose? Or am I best off pressure blasting driftwood (=very clean, no algae or moss) And after thats done, replant? I will have to remove all surface plants as they will get in the way. I can't turn off the light, but I can cover the algae tanks with a thick covering of some description? Is there another step after this? As I think this will put me back where I started, without solving the problem long term. Unless the trace does the job. Some of the stems I have are: persicaria sao paulo rotala wallichii myriophyllum tuberculatum rotala mini type 2 proserpinica palustris some swords eriocaulon blyxa
  11. @Donny@ageofaquariums Now dosing 25ml of trace every 3 days (approx 500L total water) Sorry been very busy. Here are pictures: Tanks with T5: Tank with LED:
  12. Discus are sometimes graded with AA, AAA system. This is for patterns that have been created from selective breeding, not wild type (WC, F1 ect)
  13. Sounds good! CRS colonies look great
  14. Looks great! What are you going to stock it with?
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