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  1. Pic attached of Peacock with Cloudy Eye.... So I've done the google thing and its either Bacterial or fungal and can be treated by Melafix and pimafix.... Sweet Problem is though Cloudy eye is usually caused by bad water quality and/or low PH. This 320L tank is maintained same day every fortnight with a 25% water change and gravel pump. The new water is treated with prime and Cichlid buffer. Water qual is good so could it be because the tank (and eheim 2217) are only 3 months aged, even though fish were added slowly?
  2. what does low tech vs high tech mean? "Tech" as in lighting and CO2 etc? Tangles: Bit of trim back and that will look real nice.... I could never get that "Crispus" to stay alive. Is it high tech"
  3. Hey Guys, whats the best tape for attaching those picture sheet backgrounds to the back of your aquariums...? I've got plenty of Electrical tape, Duct tape or masking tape. Would one of those be suitable? I don't want it coming off every second day.
  4. Not sure if your talking to me but the photo isnt very clear, the only fish I can make out are Koi angels and some tiger barbs - cant see any schools.
  5. hey wes, is it a "marina" - oval shaped? black and clear?
  6. I know its a boring topic but I'm sick of going through them so quickly..... Anyone got a favourite gravel puncher? Preferably one that's tall and doesn't start sucking air in through the joins after 10 uses.
  7. I've tried many gravel pumps, after a couple of months all of them leak air in where the clear tube meets the syphon head .... ANyone got any sworn favourite Gravel pumps? Please include a photo if you don't know the exact name. FEATURES iM LOOKING FOR: - Doesnt leak air in at the joints after 2 months of use - Need one relatively tall - Kink resistant hose Thanx in advance all.
  8. Braddo: The 5 buckets that I removed when I did the full service & re-scape looked a lot like a swamp and smelt a little - but then again it does every month on this tank. The main difference was that rocks and plants that hadn't been moved for a while got taken out and the entire bear gravel bed was gravel pumped. It's a heavily stocked tank with very limited accessibility (through one side of the fixed hood!), so I'm sure most of you would agree that if it were serviced fortnightly instead of monthly, this could have been avoided. Thanx for everyone's input, and DFF it was awesome to meet you today.
  9. All great points/questions..... The wood was brand new but guaranteed safe from the company who sold it to me, and from my past experience with it...... And there were no ferts in the plants and almost no leaves died off at all.... Tested ammonia this morning - it was over 3ppm so I'm guessing the fact that I gravel pumped it much more vigorously than usual on Friday meant I stirred myself up a decent spike. The fish gasping in the cloudy water with milky small white floaties and stinky smell also gave it away......lol. Couldn't get my hands on any EasyLife (my personal favoured "tonic") so had no choice but just to do a big water change and dose with Ammo lock and Nutrafin cycle (i know there are differing opinions about this product). Be interested to hear how either of you two would have dealt with it?
  10. Can adding a bunch of new Plants and driftwood to a tank cause an ammonia spike or kill fish for any other reason? The wood and the plants are 100% certified aquarium safe.
  11. This tank has just had a re-scape - Runs a fluval 405 with no co2. Manzanita wood decked out with Anubias, Valisneria, tall and dwarf Rush, going to add some fontinalis to the top of the wood.
  12. hey Blade are those red plants scarlet ludwigia?
  13. Sorry DFF, i made an ASSumption that if a plant needs a certain type of substrate, that its not classed as hardy, so I didnt bother mentioning that its a basic mixed smooth pebble substrate 3-5mm.... great thanx all.... i'll give them all a go.
  14. I'm looking for the hardiest tall plant you can think of for my tall aquarium (no CO2). Like something that will grow to 50cm or more? Fully aquatic species only please - I know a lot of LFS's sell plants that aren't even fully aquatic species and until I found that out I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why mine were never performing well and eventually dying. Thanks in advance guys.
  15. Thank you, those were my first thoughts too - particularly the lack of gravel pumping. But with the filters, I thought if the bacteria had been wiped out she would have an ammonia/nitrite problem rather than a nitrate problem because Nitrate would only be present if Nitrosomonas and Nitrobactor bacteria were present to convert the ammonia and nitrite? Ammonia and Nitrite are zero. Its a 4ft Tank which has about ten 2-4 inch Malawians, plus a few catties/BN's and silver sharks. Amazing that she hasn't lost any fish yet. I think it was mainly the lack of gravel pumping that's done it. Either way, I've gravel pumped it now, and told her to keep doing so, as well as cleaning filter media in tank water - I'm confident this will fix the problem. Again, thank you for everyone's help.
  16. Just visited my sister and she has set my niece an aquarium up. It has a very low PH of below 6, even though their tap water is 7-7.5, and the tank has very high nitrate readings even though water changes are regular and sufficient. There are some things she's done that rang alarm bells and I wanted opinions on if any of these would most likely be the culprit for high nitrates and very low PH. 1) The 4 month old tank has never been gravel pumped and my niece feeds them often 2) My sister has cleaned the canister filter media a couple of times in the last 6 months directly under tap water - I know this would wipeout any bacteria colony quicksmart. BUT, if either of these first 2 options were the casue, how come there is no trace of Ammonia and Nitrite? 3) Some of the numerous large pebbles that were used as substrate (mixed in with smaller proper aquarium gravel) stuff were taken from an outside garden bed i.e. not aquarium pebbles. They have lots of "veins" which I know can leach into the water. Can this cause PH crashing and or High nitrates? Thanx in advance.
  17. I need an 2200lph+ canister filter that fits under my 43cm high stand. Its very short i know. Anyone got any suggestions?
  18. Thanx Ash but im feeding hardly any food at all because there's only a few feeder fish in there, and the lights are only on 4 hrs a day. I think some other source of food or energy is the culprit as Mat said.... will have to do more research then and try starve it.
  19. Cool.... what about in Cichlid tanks (no plants)? Anyone had success with any chems?
  20. ok so UV lights are a pretty effective way of keeping algae out of the water, but whats the best way to stop (or at least minimise) the growth of algae on the glass?
  21. So is it true your only supposed to change half the dacron at a time?
  22. Its a good thing I had trouble finding the seal kits online..... while searching I came across this post on AusCichlids Eheim Pro3 2075 (Leakage) Describes exactly what mine does. Doesn't describe how to fix it though. Maybe I'll just try double seal - can anyone suggest a good online shop that stocks them - the normal three I go through dont seem to.
  23. Just raised it upto level as you said LilJohn, it kept leaking (even more) but also immediately it DID start gurgling constanly with plenty of air being pumped into the tank. Does this confirm that its the seal? Thanx Heaps for your help.
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