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  1. I use to get quite a lot of stick from the sand box kids auz reefing site and one of my "stupid ideas", that I got stick for was not an idea, it was what I did and that was to keep my reef aquarium at 23c to a max of 24c. I like to look around the net and go there for a laugh from time to time and oh my god!! a sand box user referred to 'The Reef Aquarium Vol. 1' by C Delbeek and J Sprung, that says that 23c to 24c is the optimum range for reef aquariums?????? no way!!!!! lol, you get a good laugh when visiting the sand box! Well I do, lol.
  2. You should try getting stung by one of my wasps, they are also a scorpion fish and more powerful then a stone fish sting, quite potentially fatale. See it could be worse, lol
  3. coolite insulation to back, sides and base of tank, and keep lids on. MY next one swill have front insulated as well, it will fold down to see into tank and they will have a black slide in,down false front that gest the algae the front glass remains clean.
  4. Catch one, I would think that they are a shelled creature, like and amphipod, I have never seen a flat worm or bristle move that fast. The only way something can usually move that fast is via fins, body rippling or the same things as shrimp use to be mobile. A close up pic, it may be quite interesting.
  5. what kind of video is that? It said 4 minutes and 45 seconds to download? Is that housed in this forum? I don't down load anything like that, I have already had that encrypting all the photo files crap, don't want anything else, so what ever Donny says, I am out.
  6. I was waiting see what photobucket would do with this money grab they are trying? It was no access to the account at all ,the yesterday, all photos gone, lol. Any one who stays with them or starts with them is a fool, they will most likely do even worse next time, what's to stop them, nothing!
  7. I thought that's what you got it for, the kids to play with?
  8. that's why I take out 95 percent of my photos content for on line and size them to 600 and put my water mark on, no one wants pics like that, lol My pics average 18kbs down from 4000.
  9. Too true, people would pay, but you don't start high, you start low and work your way up till profits are there and alls good.
  10. if most think that, then this is the forum saved right?
  11. it is cool and funny but where is the aquarium related thing about it?
  12. yeh I agree, maybe a ranking like forum member, then medium term forum member, then long term forum member maybe, just so it has no indication on if you are in the know at all.
  13. If the text/thread is not insulting, overly swearing or denigrating to folks and so on, taking threads out of sight or taking it away entirely takes away this forums google search results and takes away possible new members. Peoples feelings have to be protected big time or they leave, but much of anything else should be left as search results.
  14. you might not, but 2 million others do, that's a large group of folks to ignore. Most young folks have no idea of who gilligan is, you need to keep up or this forum like many others will die.
  15. Get on face book etc and link to interesting threads here so you are noticed.
  16. True and it may be too late! The once large aus marine forum did the same things to people and are surprised that its failing now, I am not! The amount of "we are too good to fall behind" ways of thinking showed on there was amazing. They would band together to pick on folks that were bad at spelling and not help with what they asked, to me that's plain retarded, anti social, moronic, stupid and a death sentence to their forum, now its dying a slow death! Prevention of bullying and ego trips was not thought of on here a bit and on theirs a lot!! Hopefully this forum will stand the test of face book and instagram and so on, but until the morons on the marine forum are gone, theirs wont!
  17. I tried out four sites and Imgur is the easiest, the pics come out smaller, but not bad. this is the resulting pic
  18. not good enough pics mate, but it is a goby, just which one needs a better pic. Maybe say where it came from and take it out and grab a pic.
  19. I am photo addict, lol, but there are other areas to have photos hosted, just a bit of work to set it up. I always keep my originals and the sized photos, just a bit of work for me to set up else where , no big deal. I am over half way through it allready.
  20. ??? right?? Well I suppose it is okay to say it was good of them to do it for so long, sort of like excepting your home loan interest rate being raised 400 percent and back dated 8 years. Not new loans changing or when you change your loan but all of them with out the gov rate changing. The thing is, a usage thing with me anyway, of just 23 percent of the free 2gig making it roughly 500 meg, that's quite small for such a large money grab rather then, its getting expensive to host these so we need to charge a little something from now on per 500 meg or what ever.
  21. Any one seen the change in photobucket? Basically this is the way it is for years, then sorry, time to change for extra money time, you pay heaps or not use for what was reasonable or free for so long. Same rules for many years, then a cash grab. Lots of that type of thing online these days, its free or cheap, come on, its great here, lol. oh well many other photo hosting as well as face book and instagram.
  22. It all depends on the model of your canister, the quality of the prefltering and what you want the media for. Fine media, better bio functions, but with fine media the easier it gets blocked if rubbish is not kept out of the canister properly. Larger media particles, less bio functions.
  23. Yeh red marine algae has some stunning examples hey. You will read red algae and cyano red algae and so on, all are incorrect, what they mean is cyanobacteria and is quite often called blue green algae as one example of it. It is a bacterium that can photosynthesis as can cyanophyta, unlike any other bacteria making it hated, but very special. I have heaps of respect for cyano, it is with in and allows all land and sea plants/algae to survive and with its production of oxygen way back at the start of life here on earth, it allowed us to evolve. Many reefers will think this is silly, but some thing that made mine and all life possible, will always have at least some where in my system to exist.
  24. Thanks mate. I use to do maintenance of marine setups from letter drops in the richer areas and make and fully matured reef tanks and systems as well for a shop many years ago so folks picked up something that went wow straight away rather then them stuffing around with the cycle and sold my home made reactors and bio filtration. Not done that in years, well over 20 years back, lol, it along with commercial collecting back then near on ruined the hobby and diving for me, never again! If you know cichlids as you typed JB, then you know how important PH is and that makes you part way to knowing marines as it is everything with marines, everything!!!
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