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  1. Peacockbass 4cm for sale

    they are monoculus peacockbass
  2. Got afew monoculus for sale 20 each or swap for fish of intetest Pickup jimboomba
  3. Wtb bulk java moss

    Got enough thks everybody
  4. Pair of Red Sevs

    Pic of red sev same blood line in my fishtank
  5. Looking for kigoma

    What type of frontosa and sizes
  6. I just bred some be ready 4 -5 months for fry if you havent found any by then
  7. Wtb bulk java moss

    Anyone else
  8. Gday Kevin, i have a heap of moss here i can bring down when i bring the shrimp i owe you, maybe tomorrow if that suits  Gary.

  9. Wtb bulk java moss

    great thks

    i got a 10 cm one
  11. Looking for bulk java moss for my rainbows can swap for fish i breed or pay cash if cheap enough
  12. Peacockbass 4cm for sale 20 each Pickup sunnybank or flagstone Eating crush foodstick and frozen brine shrimp