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  1. fishking

    Sailfin pleco 5cm for sale

    Still here 10 for 120
  2. For sale Breeding pair Rainbow cichlid 35 dollars pickup brownsplain bunning or sunnybank plaza
  3. fishking

    Black ghost 8cm for sale

    15 each 2 for 25 dollars
  4. 50 dollar's for the breeding pair
  5. fishking

    Breeding pair jack dempsey

    Forgot to put price 30 for the pair
  6. I have platinum 4cm 5each
  7. Breeding pair jack dempsey Male about 15cm Female 10-12 cm Pickup jimboomba Brownsplain Sunnybank plaza 0422023148
  8. Breeding pair ellioti 50 dollars pickup Jimboomba Brownsplain Sunnybank plaza Text any interest 0422023148
  9. Breesing pair super green texas Male 15cm Female 10-12cm Pickup jimboomba Greenbank Sunnybankplaza 0422023148
  10. fishking

    Black ghost 8cm for sale

    Still here
  11. Got some nice sailfin pleco 5cm 15each pickup jimboomba, Greenbank, brownsplain or sunnybank plaza text any interest 0422023148
  12. fishking

    Red shoulder severums 4-5 cm

    Still some available
  13. Got some nice black ghost knife 8cm 15 each text 0422023148 Pickup sunnybank or jimboomba