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  1. how many do u have ?
  2. can u drop off to me
  3. 5-6 cm uaru $60 each 4 for $200 limited stock pickup jimboomba or sunnybank send pm only please
  4. it looks like a 2226 pro 2
  5. i got some breeding size females
  6. i have red severums for sale $75 dollars 5-6cm
  7. how many festae you got

    1. Albino87
    2. fishking


      Looking to buy bulk thanks for reply j am after 50 of them

    3. Albino87
  8. I breed them from split gene jds if you want to buy some will.be ready 2 months
  9. they got 3 year warranty just take it back to where you bought it I am sure they will help you out
  10. where can I buy 1 of these?
  11. Hey mate was just wondering if you had any gold comps left!?

    Would love to grab a couple of you,


  12. I am trying to build some 2x18x18 not sure if it will be worth or maybe u can tell me some good tank builder who aren't to expensive
  13. for got to say I am after 6mm sheets
  14. can any tell me where I can get new glass at a reasonable price I want to build a few tanks thanks everybody
  15. I can lend you one but petrol might be cost more than the hole saw