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  1. fishking

    Diplay africans

    Still have some nice fish
  2. Peacockbass mono 15cm 50 each pickup jimboomba Brownsplain or sunnybank
  3. Fusco 17-19cm 25ea Venustus 15cm 25ea Redfin kadanga 15cm 25ea All males i have multiples of each Pickup jimboomba brownplain or sunnybank
  4. Gold 3.5cm 4 dollars 3 for 10 Black 5cm 8each 3 for 20 Silver3.5cm 4 dollars 3 for 10 Gold sub adult 7-8cm 12ea 2 or moe 10each Gold pearl scale 7-8cm 12ea 2 or more 10 each Pickiup jimboomba or sunnybank
  5. fishking

    Wtb...precox rainbows

    I got some 4-5cm 8each 10 for 60 Pickup jimboomba Brownsplain bunning Sunnybank area
  6. Just google bayfish farm Aquarium industries
  7. fishking

    Peacockbass monoculus f/s

    Bump Still have some nice peacockbass
  8. fishking

    5cm black calvus

    Price drop 25 each 10 for 200
  9. Black calvus 5cm 30 each or 10 for 250 Pickup bunning brownsplains or sunnybank plaza Text any interest 0422023148
  10. Got some 12 cm mono peqcoxlbass for sale 50 each 3 for 120 pickup bunnings brownsplain or sunnybank text any interest 0422023148
  11. Got some nice blue dolphin 8-10 cm 20 each or 3 for 50 Pm any interest Pickup jimboomba flagstone Brownsplain bunning Or sunnybank
  12. hey kev do u have any snyspilums forsale

  13. best to text me 0422023148  weekend is normally fine

  14. Gday Kevin, i have a heap of moss here i can bring down when i bring the shrimp i owe you, maybe tomorrow if that suits  Gary.

  15. adult brine shrimp does anyone know going price for about 10ml of adult shrimp thanks in advance