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  1. Uaru 3.5 cm 50 dollars Or 5 for 200 limited stock
  2. Uaru 3.5 cm 50 dollars Or 5 for 200 limited stock
  3. getting bigger
  4. afew left
  5. Hi i still have these beautiful fish for sale Can include 6 red severum fry 4 cm part of the deal same price for 1000 dollar
  6. Still available 3.5 cm-4 cm $50 or swap fish of interest pm what you have Also spare large male red severum $200 or swap for dovii pair
  7. price drop 35 dollars
  8. Breeding pair red severum $1000 If interested please pm I can text pics serious buyers only Make your money back in first batch only for experience breeders
  9. plenty ready now prices depends on sizes
  10. I got some jade perch they are 20 dollars or 3 for 50 bucks Text interest 0422023148
  11. all red severums sold be 2 months until next batch thanks to all customers who bought fish from me
  12. I have 10 red severums left only 3-3.5 cm 50 dollars each better price for all 10
  13. All 5_6 cm red severum sold out I have some smaller sizes 3_3.5 cm Text if interested
  14. Yes i can ship best to pm thanks
  15. Still a few left