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  1. Lol, thanks for the offer mate but not for this tank, if i kept sterbai they would be the biggest fish in the tank. This is for very small calm blackwater sp.
  2. yeah was in there a couple of days ago, there were none left. Least i couldnt find any and the young bloke working in there couldnt see any either.
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong section, been awhile since ive been online lol. Im just wondering if anyones seen any good healthy pygmy corys or otto's for sale anywhere lately? Need some too finish off a small blackwater setup with pencilfish and wild betta's. Would prefer pygmy corys, something about the little twerps floating around like hummingbirds is quite endearing. Cheers Steve
  4. Well it didnt work out, the next morning the bubble nest was gone along with the eggs.
  5. YES! lol, finally instead of just attacking the female there finally breeding. Good thing i got some floating plants yesterday, My little red honey gouramis are finally laying hundreds of little eggs. Although my apisto male and clown killies are having a nice feed on the ones the male doesnt manage to grab in time lol. Will get some pics (though i doubt very good ones) and put them up tomorrow if i can, off to work for now.
  6. Well, i went and checked it out.. unfortunately i only had 70 bucks in my wallet lol got a pair of Apisto cacatuoides "Orange flame" and a goyder river rainbow for my other tank along with some plants... if i didnt need to buy a car im pretty sure id go back tomorrow with my savings and clean the shop out... soo many fish i need, not want but actually NEED... lol
  7. Cheers guys, with all this hype im wishing i wasnt working night shift this week and too busy sleeping all day or id be out checking her shop out now lol.
  8. Lol I know, those black dragon plakats and 24k plakats mmmm, I also saw she had some rarer sp so I'm gonna check her out when I can, was looking on her site before ii found this one lol cheers mate.
  9. Thanks mate, and i can get gold and blue panchax easy enough i mean some of the rarer types haha. Atm i only have clown killies which ill be trying to breed when they get a little bigger, and i also have a trio of betta brownorum im trying to breed but they seem more intent on following the honey gouramis and glass shrimp around. Cheers anyway mate, ill have to check out that aus_aqua site.
  10. If its any help mate they are mouth brooders, though ive never managed to breed them myself ive kept them quite a few times. As said before they die or get diseased quite easily from small injuries or stress. I've caught all mine in the wild there fairly common.
  11. Hey guys, not sure what to say.. ive been keeping fish for 15 years or so now (atleast thats as long as i can remember since i was young when we first got a fish tank lol) and its always good to see more lovers of the hobby around the place, hope to talk to you all soon. Also if anyone knows of anyone selling any species of betta or killifish or rare catfish around brisbane/ipswich let me know. Cheers guys Steve
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