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  1. Hey mate can you get an datnoids

  2. Any datnoids for sale want 5 for my display

  3. Thank you for comments Tank is 6' x 3' x 2.5' Custom made with 1/2" glass all way round with 3/4" on the bottom. Have had this tank for 5-6 years. If you want to be successful with Ray's just make sure your tank is a lot wider than your usual. Maybe upgrade to 8' x 3' x 3' in the future. 3ft is as wide as my door way to the living room can take. Pete Currently setting up a new ray tank. Tank is 7' x 3' x 26" Will start another post soon.
  4. Currently in living room. Stock: RTG 10x ST Dat's 2x Motoro Pair 1x Tinfoil Barb Pete
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