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  1. Yeah not ideal but keep pestering if you have the time. It's a bit like a good shampoo, it won't happen overnight but it will happen😀😀
  2. Keep persisting if you can. The info on there might be a few years old but it is all good stuff. Often ANGFA threads contain some good detailed info and it would be nice to think the forum can survive as long as everyone gives it a chance until a renewal of forum admin can keep it going.
  3. I am looking for anyone thta has some Hikari frozen blood worm in stock and does bulk buys. Ive cehceked most web sites and there seems to be a under supply at the moment. Location and indicative prices if you could thanks David
  4. Yes a net of any mesh size smaller than an adult dragonfly will stop them landing on surface to lay eggs. I use my old cast nets to cover ponds.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, we are planning on a night of informal talks at the meeting after this one where people can get up and talk about their approaches to keeping fish, breeding, foods etc. so this will be a good chance to talk and ask about native fish keeping.
  6. What did people think of this months meeting? Any suggestions for improvements or ideas for next meeting. It was an unusually small auction this time, but I bet it will bounce back at the next meeting.
  7. Robbo you should abondon the waterfall down the steep bank and go for a shallow stream like effect along the front of the rock wall to next to the lawn, like a touch pool. Less pumping needed, easier to maintain and will create some habitat for frogs etc. will be much easier to maintain too. Good luck. Ponds can be hard work sometimes.
  8. Is that tidal. Poor things probably washed down in last flood.
  9. Nice one, where did you get that one. But one that size put up a fight.
  10. Not kept them before but usually a brackish/marine dweller
  11. .Just letting you know there is a meeting on this friday from 7:30pm at the Clayfield & District Bar-Jai Senior Citizens Club 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield QLD 4011 ‎ If anyone has some microworms i can buy at the meeting, come and see me or wave your smelly container around until i notice you and i'l// flip you a few bucks for your troubles.
  12. These photo books are exceptional source books with some of the best images of native fish you,ll find. Get one.
  13. Yes they are in the river above wivenhoe, it's just they are not very abundant so you may only see one or two after a few hours effort.
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