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  1. hi all I recently purchased a 3 tear setup that has 2 3x18x18 tanks with it. And then i purchased a sump for it which is a 22.5x14.5x15 with a 3500lph aquaclear sump pump. I was wondering what is bulk head would be best for this setup? And what size holes will need to be drill for them? Thanks in advance for you advice/ input Cheers dave
  2. What type of tank is it??Tropical, African, American? Is it an internal or external weir? Need some details..... If its planted put some plastic mess around it and put moss on it, if not then do as suggested get some black acrylic.
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  5. if any one buys it i would like to shake their hand for being such a idiot to spend that much on a 6ft
  6. Sorry to bring this topic up again But this is a similar to the post above!!!! And i think He is DREAMING $5000 for a 6x2x2 complete south African tank 6 foot south african ciclid tank setup (eBay item 220744029171 end time 05-Mar-11 15:56:32 AEDST) : Home
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  8. My first was a 3x18x18 display with a custom built stand that i made 5 yrs ago, Then it went from just one to 3 then 5 then 10 and then the 17 i have now, The largest being a 5x2x2.5
  9. Ok this is what i do Grab ya self a tin of ESP(easy surface prep) get a cloth and put some on it then wipe the tank down with it Let it dry for 1 1/2hours Then get yaself a litre(1litre will do at least 6 tanks with 3 good coats)of Water based Matt black paint(doesn't have to be expensive) and a roller apply your first coat let to dry(I have found that it is best to do it on a hot day with good airation) then do your 2nd coat and see if there are any hole/spot you missed. if so do a 3rd. I have had the best results doing it this way And when finished should look something like this and this is my end result I also painted the sides
  10. that could work nige, i like you thinking but do you think oscars would move the gravel away from the bottom? Thanks for the really good suggestion :0
  11. That looks awesome buddy shame you can help though
  12. Ok so i am wanting to finally setup my 5x2x2.5 and am wanting a 3d back ground to put in it. The trouble i am having is no one makes a 2.5 high background and i dont want to make it myself!! So can someone help me, either give me a quote on making it for me, or know of somewhere i can get one Any Help is very appreciated Cheers dave
  13. Hi all I am about to buy a fluval fx5 and was wondering what is the best Media to put in it and best order to put it in, It will be used on a 5x2x2.5 with Americans in it........ Thanks in advance for your advise Cheers dave
  14. I would say maybe a fluval 405 but deffs not a fx5 Also maybe a eheim 2217
  15. not sure dff but i wouldn't mind getting some after seeing the pics and reading about them lol
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