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  1. I came here to narrow down my search. I thought members of this forum would know from experience where the best places were to go to buy such items. It's becoming as obvious as teets on a bull that coming here is only wasting my time. I will let my fingers do the walking now and make phone calls to all aquarium builders etc and go shopping myself. Just for future reference, please don't ask me for where I bought anything - I'll give you the same advice as raycam01_au
  2. Please, once again consider what you post here. If it is not assisting with recommendations as to what shops I can go to buy my set up, fish, plants etc please don't bother posting. I had this set up many years ago(on a smaller scale) and it worked very well. I am simply after recommendations as to what shops I can go to, to get top quality equipment. I came here to narrow down my search, not to sift through your unnecessary comments. Deadfishfloating - I did know, because I saved nearly every baby guppy. In any case it didn't matter if I lost a baby, I never lost a fish I put in the tank. I'm listening to the recommendations I have asked for. With all due respect to you and your knowledge, please only assist with what I have asked help with. Thank you.
  3. I kept Angels and Ghost Knives together with Congo and Neon Tetras and guppies (which bred) some years ago and never lost a fish. What shop stocks the fertilizer you recommend? I will speak with the shop who builds my tank and have them organise drilling.
  4. No disrespect to cichlidwife, I'm sure he does a great job. But I do state in my thread that I am only interested in purchasing from shops.
  5. Does Cichlidwife do this for a living and is he a registered business?
  6. I have decided to set up another tank. This tank will be a 6 x 2 x 2 Display tank. Can I please have recommendations who builds quality tanks of this size and cabinets including hoods. Filtration will be a sump. I will also be looking for a top quality build. I will need top quality media for the sump as well as pump. I will plant this tank heavily and will put a variety of "Tropical" fish such as Tetras, Angels, Guppies, Ghost Knife and anything else that will go. I will also be looking for quality fish and plants with no snails. I will check out Smiths Aquariums as well as Pet City along with any other recommendations as to where I can get top quality fish from. I know what I want, please just tell me where I can get it. I am only interested in excellent quality. I am not interested in inferior quality tanks, fish or plants. I do not want your help or offers to build tanks or sumps and I am not interested in your fish or plants. I have been down that road and I am only interested in purchasing from shops these days. However I appreciate your willingness to help. Plumbing will also need to be professionally done and know who will be doing this part of the job. I am prepared to travel for quality and have the means to transport this furniture. Lastly I would like to know the best substrate to use that will benefit my plants. As well as this I would like to know the best fertilizer to use. Please consider your input before posting your comments. If it is not in answer to my above requests, please do not post it here. Thank you to all for your assistance.
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  8. Wow. I never even dreamed this would happen
  9. What the heck are you doing? You're moving from a very beautiful place to Sydney? You'll want to go straight back for sure. I just got back from Perth. I absolutely love it there. One day I'll live there. I hope your move is worthwhile and you enjoy Sydney. There are plenty of friends here to help out so enjoy the site and ask all the silly questions you like Welcome
  10. Samo, I know you said you're not too keen on doing a planted tank at the moment but I can assure you that you can do a very low maintenance planted tank with some golden apple snails, cherry shrimp, bristlenose and some guppies or Endlers. I did a 3 foot tank a while ago and all the plants grew beautifully. The fish and shrimp were as happy as Larry. I ended up giving it to my best mates daughter and its still going strong. All I ever did was an occasional water change (25% at a time) and fed the fish and cleaned the filter when needed (about once every 2 weeks). It was the easiest tank I had and that included the Cichlid tank I had. It might be worth thinking about and will look really nice too. I can even help you out with some common bn
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