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  1. Thank you all for your kind words of support and well wishes to myself and I am glad that the general view of Russ taking over has been met with enthusiasm support and overall view of looking forward. On a quick note regards our little mate dean last I heard he was still trying to find out his own identity (brain cells) .. before he could attempt to find anything else..lol Again thank you and I will still be around and look forward to catching up with all of you in the future.
  2. Fiik my final advice is to you ... you stated your own site and why not stay there?? stop pollutting a great site with your dribble and negative attitude. Try having respect instead of cheap shots you are only making yourself look the fool
  3. Luke I like how you talk about dissapointment and underlining respect.. however your opinions are always full of spite and malice I also find it rude and inconsiderate that you keep making these snide remarks on this site when you started your own and you have a little if no respect for anyone else apart from yourself. I have never witnessed any other forum owner in any medium that has shown such little respect for other as you continually show with your cheap shots and innuendoes. Myself and the rest of the forum has shown you nothing but respect and you have treated this with contempt and by these actions you are making a mockery of the respect you did have by members of this site and other forums. Regards JOhn
  4. G' Day all Well as you may have noticed I have been absent over the last few months and this is due to a new and exciting opportunity that has arisen for myself and my family and due to this I have not spent the time on the site as much as I would have liked to and what the site and you the members deserve. Over the next few months I will be able to give less and less time to you the members and to concentrate on the growth of the site and this is when I had to make a huge decision and that was to make sure that you the members could get the most out of the site. As of yesterday I have sold the forum to man who is well known and respected within the qld area and more so by QLDAF members and this is Russ from Redlands Pet Centre, I believe by selling the site to Russ that he will help it to keep on growing with the main focus being you the member first and for most. I do believe that you will all show Russ the support and the loyalty that you have shown me over the years and also look towards the future with Russ at the helm to help guide you all to getting out as much as you put in. I would also like to take 5 and just say that I have owned, managed many businesses over the years and have also been a member of many different clubs, groups and the like and in that time I have never witnessed such devotion and loyalty and pride in a group of people as I have been privileged and honoured to see here on this site. I thank you all for not only enriching others lives but also enriching my own and I would also like to thank Peter especially as he has been my right hand man and his loyalty to you all and his friendship will be that of a friend for life and this forum is just that much better for having someone like peter involved so heavily. I would also like to thank all of my team within the SM and FM's as you all have been that consistent and unwavering in your tireless efforts that helped make this forum what it is today. I will be stepping down as Admin but will continue to be a member of this great site for many years to come and thank you all for making my life even more enriched for being able to help this site grow with all of your support. Cheers John
  5. Gday Roman Mate I believe I know where this tank was made and I have had similar issues with the maker in past and have asked for a refund.. If it is him be aware he does not take criticism well. Regards JOhn
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  7. Just to add to this I fully agree with goneself in the fact that when fish are sold they should be of a certain size to help identify potential abnormalities and these have been made less important than the value.... It also comes back to the buyers as I have said time and time again "RESEARCH" your buys and it is amazing the amount of people who will spend large amounts on fish they really no nothing about and then when someone who has done research does look at there fish and questions the quality the most common reaction is to blame the seller and there is little or few who will take responsibility for NOT checking. So a great exercise to do is before looking at adding anything to your tanks is to stop and look through your own tanks and make sure you have Quality and then look to buy Quality. I have seen threads time and time again where people have sold "NOT 100% quality fish" and yet by doing this there is no way certain that whomever they sell these fish to are going to keep them forever or are not going to on sell them in the future. It all comes back to making sure you know what you have and know what you are buying. Be a responsible buyer and more importantly a informed seller and if you do buy something that turns out to be not what you expected ....... look at your self before looking at the seller because no one forces you to buy there fish and take responsibility for not doing the ground work. If you are going to get into breeding fish then make sure you have the tank space to "GROW" them out and don't think that it is a quick turn around as many fish take 4-6 months to grow to sellable sizes. Be responsible for your fish and the sale and purchase of them and in return you will be rewarded and so will the longevity of this great industry. Regards John
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  9. I can remember a time where fish where not sold or traded until they where at suitable size for example you could not buy a discus that was smaller than a tennis ball, the result from sales of larger juvies was that breeders retained better prices and buyers received more robust fish. Over the years I witnessed the progression of smaller and smaller fish for sale with the idea of "quick turn over". There where always a few breeders who would sell off mass amounts of juvies/ fry to other breeders who would then grow out the stock but there was very little chance to see undersized fish in retail shops and Aquarium based clubs would not allow unless fish where to reasonable sizes in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth (I can not comment on other states as I did not have much to do with these until recently). The fact is buyers are expecting more and offering less in a lot of cases and also the amount of miss represented stock that is partly to blame due to undersized sales is also becoming more and more common, I was taught many years ago that if you have not researched it then DON'T buy it and just because someone is a breeder does not mean they are a expert or know what they have. So in the end it comes down to buyers responsibility and if you know fish are undersized Don't buy them unless you can raise them. If fish are not what they seem then don't buy them and don't buy fish unless you have done your research. Cheers John
  10. Before this thread goes pair shaped I would like to remind all current breeds/ keepers and potential breeders of L numbers (especially) that before you sell or buy and especially breed L numbers make sure you research research research your purchase and use reference Books (not GOOGLE) and take them with you when purchasing a new L number. Over the years L numbers have been constantly miss ladled and un knowingly crossed due to limited knowledge buy either seller/ buyer and breeders. Rules for buying a L number * make sure you know what the L numbers environmental needs are before you look at buying. * Make sure you research what the L number LOOKS like and not just colouration but the body shape and other features * when possible request to see the parents of your fry / juvies * ALWAYS take a reference book with you when purchasing as sometimes the seller does not know what they are selling. Reference books I use * Aqualog for L numbers (+extras ) * Back to nature L numbers * Catfish in the Aquarium by Dr, Carl Ferraris, Jr ( this is about keeping and conditions) So in summery Please check what you buy before you hand over the dollers and I have found a fare few L number breeders ( including myself ) who have got it wrong due to complacency and not doing research. Regards John
  11. I wanted to go to the auction as I have missed a couple of late and I don't want sswarner to think that he can buy anything he likes without having to get into a bidding war with someone...lol But I am glad that everyone had a great time and as always without the great work of those who take the time and effort to breed, capture, bag , box, register there livestock there would not be these auctions, the great efforts of all the clubs / groups who help make these nights enjoyable for all I always take my hat off to them and am ever grateful. I love going to auctions for the chance to catch up with familiar faces and new ones alike and strongly suggest that everyone should go to the auctions and participate as these are a great night .....but rule of thumb that "not everything green is smoke able"..lol * (sorry Steve) I look forward to hopefully making the next auction and keeping a few members on there bidding toes..lol
  12. Gday Wp I have seen similar colouration of old coral sand however this one looks to be very brown.. I have found that you can can clean coral sub by either sun bleaching and thorough wash or in extreme cases plain bleach. if you do use bleach make sure you rinse thoroughly and then leave to dry in the sun and rinse again. if this does not turn white I don't know what else to suggest. Regards John
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