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  1. That looks so confusing - I have never seen or heard of those - sounds good. But I have no idea how to use that or what do with it ! It is not the cost that worries me so much of either options (hiring a generator or even the above) but how one actually uses these things? I think it is all sounding so complicated........
  2. Just wondering, with generators - if that has just the filter plugged into it do they keep a constant flow going? Or does the power from a generator go up and down (fluctuate?). I am looking at one from kennards which is a silent small one often used for camping. All the above ideas sound great and much less costly for me but I am a bit of a baby when it comes to the canister filter - I get someone to come and service it as I hate opening it up. I do everything else myself but dont open the filter (dont shoot me.........)
  3. Thank you that helps - I won't bother with the generator then, it sounds a little scary to me to use (I am female & never used one). I am kind of relieved..............
  4. Oh thank you I thought I might be over-reacting - so can I ask, with the filter will I need to clean the canister before turning the power on? Or just turn it on and do the water change, stability & Prime as I normally would when doing my weekly tank clean? I realise a good idea to not feed either that night. I rather not get a generator if I dont have to (but would if it was the best thing to do) as I have never used one and I am still concerned as about fumes being run on petrol. I appreciate your prompt reply (thank you)
  5. Just wanting some advice. I have learnt that Energex will be cutting power to my home from 8am-4pm next week and I wonder if I should hire a generator? I run a medium stocked tank on a Eheim 2213 external filter. The tank and filter are 5 years old so it is all well matured. I realise I will have to set the generator up outside and run a power lead into the house to the filter (all scary as I have never used a generator before) so I guess I am wondering if I really need to use a generator? My fish are just the normal tropicals (angles, platys, corys etc). Or the other thing I have are two battery operated air pumps that can at least aerate things - but I know the filter will be off during this time. Would the filter survive this length of time off? Could I just turn it on afterwards (when the power is back on) and double dose in stability? Just wondering what others do in this situation? Thank you in advance.
  6. I have put two thermometers in the tank, one is a traditional glass one and a new digital one (they are both reading the same).
  7. I am beginning to think this too. It is so strange and here is a curly one - so my new heater is set to 25 and turns when tank temp is 28.1 degrees - after I did a factory reset as suggested by the supplier! So I start to think this is a dud maybe? Get out the older one that I just replaced - also was set at 25 degrees - and GUESS WHAT??????? Yep - turns on at 28.1 too !!!!!!! So what is the go with that? So I guess I just lower the blue dial to maybe 23 and see if it clicks on at 26? (that is what I would like the tank to sit at). Talk about weird !!!! Funny thing is - I had been using the old for about 5 years and only decided to replace due to some condensation appearing - but I cannot explain what is going on - both old and new turn on when two thermometers (one digital and one glass) say the water is 28 degrees. I have to admit I don't normally keep thermometers on my tank - I usually go by feel and only put it in when I want to check (such as now).
  8. Ok just wanting to clarify - do you mean to turn the red dial to 27 (as my tank reads) dont I then turn the blue dial UP to match the red? I am confused now - dont they both have to be on 25? Maybe this is where I am going wrong? I put the red dial to the tank temp of 27 then I moved the blue dial so that the 25 went to where the red dial was? which I thought would mean it would then set to 25? Man these are confusing......
  9. Sorry if I am sounding dumb - *blush blush* - so are you saying that turning the heater dial (blue one) to 23 to get the heater to turn on at 25 actual tank temp. according to thermeter will be ok? so it will in fact just be turning on when it senses the tank is below 25 even though the heater dial is set on 23? I wish it was like the old days where you just stuck a heater in and turned it up and down based on the thermeter - LOL. Was looking at the Shogun ones on- line too, but they are very long heaters - much longer than Eheim and I do not have the depth to accommodate those. They sound less complicated *sigh*
  10. Thank you I did wonder if that would be OK to do that. I have put two thermetres in there and both read 27. I just would have preferred to have the heater set at 25 and have it around that temperature (give or take for variances). The point you make about the tank not keeping constant, then maybe I am over worrying - maybe the 27 is not that big a drama? (keep tropical and angels). I shall see how it goes for the next day or so and if there is much variance. I was just not thrilled with the heater turning on at 27.2 as shown on thermeters (when heater is set to 25). That kind of tells me a problem with my calibration?
  11. I have had a few of these Jagers over the years and never really had to calibrate or mess with them, but have just brought a new Jager and it is a pain in the bum. I think I might have tried to calibrate it too soon or something, I don't know.......I do not believe it is faulty. I followed the You Tube video on how to calibrate (moving red dial to the actual tank temp and then the blue dial to the desired temp by putting it to the red dial) but still I am fussing over this thing. I have it set on 25 but it is heating to 27.2. and clicks on around that time. I just cannot seem to get my head around the calibration thing !!! It is so frustrating. Any advice would be appreciated. I just wish I had never touched the thing to start with
  12. Sorry I cannot remember now - I started this thread off nearly two years ago ! I would not want to modify the hood as it is a beautiful Gary Maher tank - I am just running T5 still and brought a moonlight one separately.
  13. Please see reply above, I forgot to add the quote !!
  14. I did not really notice much difference in the running cost from T8 to T5 to be honest, but I only have the one tank. Cost per use? I have no idea, but I just did not notice any price hike in the power bill.
  15. i use an old iTunes or credit card - doesn't scratch the glass and is flexible.
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