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  1. 2. Lambardoi male 3. Venustus male 5. could be another Venustus male again. 6. Saulosi 13. Red finned kadango. The other fish im afraid i don't really know , they all could be varied peacocks of sum sort. But however i do like the fish in shot number 12, very nice if even a peacock. Welcome to the forum mate. Dave
  2. Welcome mate, Great list of fish you have there, wish my wife would let me have that many fish. Its hard just to choose a few , lmao Dave
  3. Welcome stace, Sounds like you have a few fishies to have a look at, may need to pop in sum time. I always like to see how everyone else does things in there tanks.lol. Dave
  4. Welcome chillired to the forum, great site and great people. Dave
  5. Amazing looking tank, ive always wanted to try and build a planted tank. Very natural setting, and the lights do it justice too. My first fish were angels, alot like your "Biatch".They had a few more vertical balck stripes tho, but great fish lasted along time.Was my fiancee's pick to put them in there.
  6. Nice looking tank, wish my first tank was that big lol Dave
  7. I agree with Frenchy. Yep any pleco or catfish will love ya for that..... Keeping one of those in ya tank saves so much time cleaning ya tank, and its food for them so bonus. Im finding out the hard way, i recently lost my pair of plecos to disease(Had a bad run this year), and im cleaning my tank three times as much.The green alagae seems to build up quick. Dave
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  9. Just ask your lfs, they have never put down the wrong path. Dave
  10. Heya tropo, Good to hear you have isolated him and are changing the water both very important with this. My juvies have had this too, ususally caused with bullying of the other fish. Usually becomes less stressed in a couple of days, wouldn't hurt to add sum salt to the water to help too, and if you have any, seachem 'stressaid' would help to keep him less stressed and to promote healing. Let us know how you get on...? Dave
  11. Definitely insulate the garage if this is gonna be a permanent home for the fish, otherwise buy another power pack.
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  13. Yeah i would think so, just make sure you boil them first as you should with most things to kill off any bacteria that could harm ya fish. Dave
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