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  1. its top fin has a trail..........and i got it off nick (Gofish) dont now were he got it from but
  2. got this off a mate just want to now what type of flower horn it is thanx
  3. dont know what the ph is chickadee lost my kit but there tuff lol
  4. it is crushed coral so no probs with sucking up....didnt cost to mush all up with gravle prob about $150 my mates dad made the 4 panels for free =D....lol my dogs name is willis (off different strokes "what u talkin abuut willis").....and yes that piece of wood was hard to get in, it was also free =p....thanx every 1
  5. yer will do.....p.s. will do a before and after of my tank soon
  6. yer i know they poo heaps but i like them better then bns (might be putting some peps and albinos in there to).....have desided to put 2 of the big ones in ther 1 gold spot 20-25cm and a sail fine about 20cm anfd 2 lil ones 1 chocolate about 10cm and a albino sail fine about 10cm....ther will also be 4 cuckoo catfish and 5 clown loachs...filter is 1 fx5,1 fluval 4, and 1 2800lph canister(might replace soon)
  7. will 3 big placos about 15-30 cm go alright with my 11 frontosa 8-10 cm in a 6x2x2 p.s.there is also 2 10cm placo
  8. hows the clean out of the the african display tank going?

    the leky blue and the sunshine r having a blast

  9. go 8x3x3 you know you want to lol
  10. if the dw fits in a pot i put it on the stove
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